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Genevieve is one of the most gorgeous and noble names it nowadays history. This name came from France, unfortunately there is no exact information about when it was firstly mentioned. This name was used by wealthy and rich families, as well as in royal families in France. Some scientists believe, that there is another explanation of the origin of this name. Genevieve is very similar to a beautiful and marvelous city in Switzerland. There is a legend abut one young woman, who was named Genevieve due to her great activity in this city, as well as she ruled this city for a long time. Unfortunately it is only a legend, and there are no real fact of existence of this noble lady. Nevertheless, name is very popular in France and beyond its borders. Name is translated and can be treated as "tribe woman". Name only could be used as female one. It means that people with this name have a strong character, they have a leadership qualities in their blood and they always ready to go. Genevieve is a pure representation of strong and independent woman, who is possible to supply herself by her own. As it was mentioned before, royal and wealthy families used this name very often, which still has a representation of its character till nowadays. Generally speaking, these ladies are like wild tigers. They are quite string and ready to pass all life challenges and obstacles in order to achieve their main goals. It is a nice idea to have at least one friend with this name, in order to make your life simpler.
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Good Name 77 %
Bad Name 23 %
Masculine 3 %
Feminine 97 %
Classic 68 %
Modern 32 %
Mature 55 %
Youthful 45 %
Formal 68 %
Informal 32 %
Upperclass 66 %
Common 34 %
Urban 24 %
Natural 76 %
Wholesome 80 %
Devious 20 %
Strong 53 %
Delicate 47 %
Refined 83 %
Rough 17 %
Strange 60 %
Boring 40 %
Simple 17 %
Complex 83 %
Serious 63 %
Comedic 37 %
Nerdy 61 %
Unintellectual 39 %
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