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Name Fiona has a special, i would say magical meaning. According to historians, this name came from Scotland, and 1762 is used to be considered as the first time when this name was mentioned by a famous novelist and poet James Macpherson in his recent work. Also there is a famous queen, which was in charge of Scotland for a long time. Apparently her name was Fiona. There are a lot of versions and variants of when did this name come and from where. There are some stories and myths about the origin of this name. Exactly that is why people think and believe that this name has sort of connection with magical and supernatural world. And it is true, name Fiona has a literal translation - white and fair. Fiona also was used as a name of main character from cartoon Shrek, where the magical world was mentioned. Also, this name is very popular among all witches, queens and magicians. That is why it brings something special and has a shadow of mystery and supernatural around this name. Generally speaking, people with this name don't have extraordinary qualities and abilities. They can't be considered as a part of good or evil side. They just people which character and manners mainly depends on society which surrounds them. Nowadays, name is not so popular in Scotland. Nevertheless, it is widely used in neighborhood European countries like Italy and Spain. Especially in Italy this name is ranked as one of the most popular name.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 4 %
Feminine 96 %
Classic 75 %
Modern 25 %
Mature 48 %
Youthful 52 %
Formal 69 %
Informal 31 %
Upperclass 74 %
Common 26 %
Urban 31 %
Natural 69 %
Wholesome 73 %
Devious 27 %
Strong 48 %
Delicate 52 %
Refined 78 %
Rough 22 %
Strange 71 %
Boring 29 %
Simple 53 %
Complex 47 %
Serious 65 %
Comedic 35 %
Nerdy 60 %
Unintellectual 40 %
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