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Ezra has a very biblical meaning and it is nearly related to Bible. Ezra has a lot clues for it.The first one is the strength of his heroic Biblical character, and it sounds really weird, and at least it is something new, but at the same time very familiar feeling. Today, Ezra is growing in popularity together with parents looking a fresh and an absolutely new biblical name -so now it is at position 119, its the highest position ever, up to 34 ratings every year. From Hebrew it means "Help". According to the text from Bible, Ezra was in charge and led a group of 15 hundred Israelites. He saved them from slavery. It was in Babylon and back to Jerusalem. There are as well some other possible variants of this name like - Esdras (from Biblical Greek), 'Ezra' (from Biblical Hebrew), Ezras (from Biblical Latin). People who are called with this name are very kind and perfectly fits for close friends. People has close connection to religion, and they are loyal to their faith and principles. Because these people have a connection with religion they always ready to help, motivate and encourage every person that really needs it. These people are extremely kind and have only good and positive intention. That is why, it is such a pleasure and even an honor to have a friends with name Ezra, because this person will do all the best in order to help you in all meanings of this word.
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 81 %
Feminine 19 %
Classic 79 %
Modern 21 %
Mature 66 %
Youthful 34 %
Formal 64 %
Informal 36 %
Upperclass 59 %
Common 41 %
Urban 35 %
Natural 65 %
Wholesome 65 %
Devious 35 %
Strong 69 %
Delicate 31 %
Refined 64 %
Rough 36 %
Strange 77 %
Boring 23 %
Simple 51 %
Complex 49 %
Serious 70 %
Comedic 30 %
Nerdy 65 %
Unintellectual 35 %
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