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Evie only has British roots, and originally appeared in this region. There are some thoughts that name itself is a derivative from Bible name Eve. Unfortunately, there are not so many information available and clues for proving statement mentioned earlier. In the land of the nickname name, also known as the United Kingdom, where derivatives as , Millie, Alfie and Ollie are all the rage. Evie has always been ranked as the Top Ten for a few years (nowadays it is number 15). Name itself represent desire and will to live and to be alive. These people are usually shy and not self confident. They could be nice and good friends, but they require attention. They could live with fact that they aren't considered as an important part of someone life. Of course, a vast majority of people will never agree with this statement. They are pretty sure that every person have to work hard in order to earn money and be able to survive and live with family. People with name Evie have absolutely different opinion. These people prefer travelling and would like to spend their live in a calm and nice place, far away from daily routine, in order to have a peaceful life. Nowadays this name is widely used in countries, where English considered as a first and official language, and is ranked as top 25 female popular names in Australia. Evie, apparently, could be also used as a short form a different variation for Eve, Eva, Evelyn, Evangeline, etc.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 1 %
Feminine 99 %
Classic 51 %
Modern 49 %
Mature 24 %
Youthful 76 %
Formal 25 %
Informal 75 %
Upperclass 55 %
Common 45 %
Urban 23 %
Natural 77 %
Wholesome 68 %
Devious 32 %
Strong 27 %
Delicate 73 %
Refined 75 %
Rough 25 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 74 %
Complex 26 %
Serious 47 %
Comedic 53 %
Nerdy 55 %
Unintellectual 45 %
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