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Name Evangeline is probably the oldest and mysterious name on our planet. This name firstly appeared in ancient Greece and Roman Language far far away from today's reality. This name is female and it has a special meaning and value even in modern life. Scientists believe that this name was directly connected with God. In ancient Greece, people with this name were a bridge and channel between ordinary people and God. This name literally translated as "bearer of good news". It means that Evangeline was a person who announced and brought good news from God itself. For ordinary people and citizens of villages Evangeline was considered as a holy person, who had a power to talk with God, see nearest future and predict what could happen next. At that time, God was the most essential and primary believe of all people and because of Evangeline, all people could talk with God. Of course, today it sounds ridiculous and weird, but at that time it was beyond any expectation. People with name Evangeline, even today are consider as a close and inevitable part of religion. These people are very nice and calm. They always welcome to help and give all the best what they only could. It is a great pleasure to deal with such people, especially in modern days, when people become more arrogant and rude. Evangeline wants to serve and help people of different nationalities and even religious. Despite this fact, unfortunately, there are not some Evangelines left on our planet.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 2 %
Feminine 98 %
Classic 81 %
Modern 19 %
Mature 55 %
Youthful 45 %
Formal 83 %
Informal 17 %
Upperclass 81 %
Common 19 %
Urban 28 %
Natural 72 %
Wholesome 69 %
Devious 31 %
Strong 35 %
Delicate 65 %
Refined 83 %
Rough 17 %
Strange 74 %
Boring 26 %
Simple 21 %
Complex 79 %
Serious 79 %
Comedic 21 %
Nerdy 68 %
Unintellectual 32 %
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