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iconInfo about the name ETHAN:

Ethan is pretty famous male name, which is widely used in almost every country of the world. Despite the fact that Ethan is a Jewish name according to historians believers, it is a very popular name in such countries as England, USA and Canada. From Latin language name Ethan is translated as firm and strong. And it is a true statement. Almost every Ethan has a real qualities to become good partner, boss and just a person who is in charge of some project or group of people. People with this name are confident and calm. They always control current situation. All decisions are made only after deep understanding of current situation and deep analysis. It turns out that all Ethans could become famous businessmen and earn a lot of money. Their character is similar to lion's one. They always calm and wait for right moment. The same thing is happening with Ethan. Despite that fact that Ethan is always calm and ready to act in every second, it could be very difficult to co-operate with him. Such character requires a strong understanding of this person and be ready for some spontaneous actions. Nowadays, Ethan could be considered as the most inspiring and noble person at the same time. All his action and manners are showing that this person know what to do and what to say and how to react in almost every situation, even if it is extremely complicated issue. That is why it is a great and wise idea to have such a close friend, which could positively influence on you.
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Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 94 %
Feminine 6 %
Classic 50 %
Modern 50 %
Mature 51 %
Youthful 49 %
Formal 53 %
Informal 47 %
Upperclass 53 %
Common 47 %
Urban 36 %
Natural 64 %
Wholesome 75 %
Devious 25 %
Strong 77 %
Delicate 23 %
Refined 69 %
Rough 31 %
Strange 56 %
Boring 44 %
Simple 48 %
Complex 52 %
Serious 52 %
Comedic 48 %
Nerdy 55 %
Unintellectual 45 %
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