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Name Emilia is probably one of the most famous and widespread all over the world. This name could be considered as international, and it is used in a huge variety of countries, from all over the continents. Starting from North and South America and to Asia and Africa. Originally, this name came from Latin language. The previous form of this name was Emil. Afterwards, it was changed through years, and today we have Emilia. This name is widely used in all popular languages like English, French, Spanish and even German. This name should be thankful to its popularity because of a popular TV show "Game of Thrones" and a main character and actress Emilia Clark. Because of a popular TV show, in recent years, name started a massive expansion all over the world. Name mainly uses as a female. But what does this name mean? Literal translation of this name from dead Latin language means - "rival". Person with name Emilia has all qualities and possibilities to become a real leader, and nowadays you have a great chance to become a CEO or executive director. That is what exactly happening in "Game of Thrones", where Emilia Clark play a role of a queen. Emilia has a strong and sometimes too strict character, which may insult people who surround her. Nevertheless, this name has a huge moral and sometimes physical influence, and it might play a dramatic role during important negotiations and business deals in real life. Generally speaking, Emilia is a strong woman with a great perspective, but you should keep in mind that this lady won't feet every man.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 3 %
Feminine 97 %
Classic 63 %
Modern 37 %
Mature 50 %
Youthful 50 %
Formal 63 %
Informal 37 %
Upperclass 64 %
Common 36 %
Urban 35 %
Natural 65 %
Wholesome 78 %
Devious 22 %
Strong 50 %
Delicate 50 %
Refined 77 %
Rough 23 %
Strange 56 %
Boring 44 %
Simple 36 %
Complex 64 %
Serious 61 %
Comedic 39 %
Nerdy 58 %
Unintellectual 42 %
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