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Name Ella has very interesting and I would say mysterious origin. A vast majority of scientists believe that this name came from German or Latin language, and it could be confirmed by the fact, that this name was mentioned in ancient manuscripts. The other side of historians and scientists have absolutely different and opposite view on the origin of this name. Name Ella has a literal translation from Spanish which means "She". They believe that it is the first name which appeared in Spain and Spanish speaking countries. Name itself Ella is 100% female name, and used in a vast variety of languages nowadays. From Latin language it has a few meanings - "all, completely; fairy maiden" Today, this name is very popular in Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark as well as in Germany and other European countries which are located closely to countries mentioned above. People with this name mainly have a soft and very nice character. They can easily to meet new people and get acquainted in just a several minutes. They always open for new challenges and obstacles. Ellas are very friendly and have a special ability to make people want them and love. They are extremely social and always want to be in the center of attention and in high demand among all people. it means, that you have to treat Ella in right way. You should never ignore them or make look them unnecessary in you life. It is the only thing which could make Ella angry and mad.
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