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Name Elizabeth is one of the oldest and noble female name. Surprisingly, this name came from Jewish language, but due to a great expansions of Jewish and people from middle east to Europe and the USA this name became popular in a bunch of countries. For example, nowadays people used to think that name Elizabeth is a pure French name. There is also another version of the origin of this name. Some historians believe that name Elizabeth came from Greek language, because this name literally translated as "pledged to God" and it had a connection with old Greek Gods from Olymp. Nowadays, there are a lot of different variations of this name. Each countries has its own form which is adapted to a local language. Generally speaking, people with name Elizabeth are smart and wise. Sometimes they are slow, but it is due the caution. They will never make spontaneous decisions, which could eventually spoil the whole situation. Elizabeth could be a perfect consulting personal manager or assistant, or a one of the vice-presidents in a big international company. These people are always looking for new ways of solving current issues and providing new possibilities and functions. Also, these people could be rude and mean. You don't have to take all this negative energy personally, sometimes they are just tired. By the way, it is very easy to irritate these people, so keep it in mind. Despite this fact, these people are extremely helpful and kind people which perfectly fit to a business industry.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 4 %
Feminine 96 %
Classic 84 %
Modern 16 %
Mature 74 %
Youthful 26 %
Formal 84 %
Informal 16 %
Upperclass 76 %
Common 24 %
Urban 28 %
Natural 72 %
Wholesome 80 %
Devious 20 %
Strong 58 %
Delicate 42 %
Refined 84 %
Rough 16 %
Strange 53 %
Boring 47 %
Simple 37 %
Complex 63 %
Serious 78 %
Comedic 22 %
Nerdy 68 %
Unintellectual 32 %
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