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Name Elijah is one of the most ancient name of all times. Firstly, it was used even BC and nowadays it is widely used all over the world. Scientists believe that this name originally came from Hebrew culture, but from a different branch of this culture, which had a place to be at that ancient time. From Jewish language this name literally translated as "Yahweh is God". Today, this name is ranked as top 50 popular male names on the territory of modern United States of America. Nowadays, people forgot about it and the rest even have never know about the meaning and how this name is ancient and unique. In our modern life, people with name Elijah have unique and interesting character. These people are usually nice and kind, but sometimes they can act as a complete idiots. Such a difference in the way how they act is because due to a spontaneous mood. These people usually depend on the surrounding world and what people thing about them. They don't have a strong character and independent believes. These people could be easily manipulated by a mentally stronger people, with getting extra benefit. Despite the fact that these people are weak and don't have a strong character, they have a nice character and heart full of love and peaceful thoughts. That is why it is a great pleasure to have such a good friend, who will always help whenever you need it. You have to appreciate it, because sometimes it would be like that.
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Good Name 66 %
Bad Name 34 %
Masculine 82 %
Feminine 18 %
Classic 72 %
Modern 28 %
Mature 63 %
Youthful 37 %
Formal 63 %
Informal 37 %
Upperclass 58 %
Common 42 %
Urban 34 %
Natural 66 %
Wholesome 68 %
Devious 32 %
Strong 69 %
Delicate 31 %
Refined 57 %
Rough 43 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 34 %
Complex 66 %
Serious 62 %
Comedic 38 %
Nerdy 58 %
Unintellectual 42 %
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