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Name Eleanor is one of the most famous female names in the whole history of humanity. There a lot of famous people like politicians and artists and actors, who left a dramatic impact on our modern society and development in general. Unfortunately, there is no information about the meaning and translation of this name. Scientists believe that this name originally came from France, and the second part of them believe that it is a pure British name. As i already mentioned before, there are no clues to prove it. This name has a special aura and gives its owner sort of pride and extra motivation to prove that you worth something in this world. Of course, ancestors, who had this name should be proud of you today. People with name usually become very powerful and influential people in this world. Due to strong character and such great abilities like spiel and ability to convince people you have to do all your best in order to achieve something in this world. This people are actually could be very dangerous, because career is the main priority in their life, which may harm you or have a bad influence on you in general. Eleanor could be easily compared with such term as sharks of business. They will never look back, the only thing they want to achieve is successes. It doesn't matter how and when and by which means, the only important thing for them is result. You should keep it in mind if you have Eleanor in you surrounding
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Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 3 %
Feminine 97 %
Classic 87 %
Modern 13 %
Mature 61 %
Youthful 39 %
Formal 82 %
Informal 18 %
Upperclass 81 %
Common 19 %
Urban 46 %
Natural 54 %
Wholesome 79 %
Devious 21 %
Strong 68 %
Delicate 32 %
Refined 83 %
Rough 17 %
Strange 67 %
Boring 33 %
Simple 48 %
Complex 52 %
Serious 78 %
Comedic 22 %
Nerdy 72 %
Unintellectual 28 %
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