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Elaine is a very famous and widespread name in England. Nevertheless, today, it is used all over the world. By the way, there is also a second possible branch of it origin, which goes directly from the Arthurian Romance. Translation and meaning of this name is bright and light. People who own this name are always happy and blessed all the time to live in this cruel world. It is extremely hard to spoil their mood or to make them stressed. A good thing about Elaine, is that there is no obstacle which couldn't be challenged. Due to high and good mood, people are always motivated and go till the end, until the task won't be done and fulfilled. It is a good character and a privilege of leaders and managers. You always should take it into account while looking for a job or a university to study. All these people tend to bring happiness for surrounding people. That is why it is so important to have at least one friend with name Elaine. The reason why, is because Elaine is able to motivate, encourage and even make people believe in themselves and do something in order to achieve the highest results. Name Elaine is a perfect example of success, dedication and of course a hard work. Nevertheless, there are a lot of disadvantages in this name, but all these negative thoughts should be omitted while you have such a great potential and power in one person.
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 3 %
Feminine 97 %
Classic 81 %
Modern 19 %
Mature 69 %
Youthful 31 %
Formal 76 %
Informal 24 %
Upperclass 74 %
Common 26 %
Urban 28 %
Natural 72 %
Wholesome 76 %
Devious 24 %
Strong 52 %
Delicate 48 %
Refined 85 %
Rough 15 %
Strange 63 %
Boring 37 %
Simple 60 %
Complex 40 %
Serious 69 %
Comedic 31 %
Nerdy 67 %
Unintellectual 33 %
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