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Name Dylan is both male and female name, but in today's reality, this name is mostly used as a male version. Name Dylan came from English language, and to be more precise, from Ireland. This name literally translated as "child of the sea". It means that oceans, seas, rivers and lakes and water resources in general is an inevitable part of Dylan life. For example, there are a lot of famous swimmers, fishermen who has a name Dylan. Nevertheless, people with name Dylan have a special relation and connection with our nature and wild world. Travelling - is the best and most liked activity which is done by people with name Dylan. These people are always welcome for new countries and cultures. They are extremely interested in exploring new territories and marvelous places, especially if it is a virgin nature forest or other nature ecosystem. A perfect profession for all Dylan would a book writer. Especially a writer, who writes a personal stories and emotions which he got while travelling. These people are so obsessed with travelling and exploring a new wild specious and nature ecosystems, that they could have their own TV show or even a channel. Genera;;y speaking, these people won't spend too much time in one place, which means that it is very hard and almost impossible to have a pro[per family life. Of course, it is a little bit arrogant way of life, but everybody has a freedom of choice. Anyway, if you are looking to become a Dylan's part of family, i would not recommend you. It is a wasting of time.
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 75 %
Feminine 25 %
Classic 49 %
Modern 51 %
Mature 43 %
Youthful 57 %
Formal 48 %
Informal 52 %
Upperclass 50 %
Common 50 %
Urban 33 %
Natural 67 %
Wholesome 67 %
Devious 33 %
Strong 67 %
Delicate 33 %
Refined 61 %
Rough 39 %
Strange 58 %
Boring 42 %
Simple 49 %
Complex 51 %
Serious 49 %
Comedic 51 %
Nerdy 53 %
Unintellectual 47 %
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