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Declan is super popular and famous name on the territory of Ireland and United Kingdom. Today, there are plenty of people who named Declan. Declan is originally came from Ireland. Unfortunately, there is no concrete and certain explanation and meaning of this name. The most famous one is "man of prayer". People, who named Declan are tend to be singers or writers, according the recent research. Nowadays, in Ireland, Declan is ranked as TOP 15 names in the country. There is also a story of creation of this name. According to this legend, on a back trip from Wales,Runanusone (who used to be of his disciples), forgot Declan’s sacred bell. Nevertheless, a prayer, which was from Declan and, miraculously, the stone carried this bell over the waves back to the Waterford. Of course, it is only a legend, which doesn't have any real source of origin, and name itself is very beautiful and is widely used all over the Ireland. Nowadays, Declan is associated with a strong and pretty man, who is always ready to protect and help people and his friends. That is actually, partially true. Nevertheless, it is extremely hard to define a real character of all people who has name Declan due to a high popularity of this name all around the world. But of course, this name is noble and famous of it's owners actions and achievements. That is it is a huge honor to hold name Declan and to be a small part of such a great history.
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Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 97 %
Feminine 3 %
Classic 53 %
Modern 47 %
Mature 48 %
Youthful 52 %
Formal 51 %
Informal 49 %
Upperclass 53 %
Common 47 %
Urban 28 %
Natural 72 %
Wholesome 66 %
Devious 34 %
Strong 75 %
Delicate 25 %
Refined 59 %
Rough 41 %
Strange 56 %
Boring 44 %
Simple 32 %
Complex 68 %
Serious 55 %
Comedic 45 %
Nerdy 51 %
Unintellectual 49 %
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