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There is a strange situation going on around name David. Some sources and scientists are 100% sure that this name came from Hebrew culture a long long time ago. The other part are sure that this is a pure English name which firstly were mentioned at the beginning of the 15th century, which makes it one of the most ancient and noble names in English list of names. Unfortunately, there is no certain information about the origin of this name. Also, both hypothesis are confirmed by mentions of this nae in ancient manuscripts. It turns out, that name David could be a modern version of Biblical name David (Давид) . Nevertheless, today people used to consider name David as of the most popular and widespread English names. People with this name usually have an interesting character and a sort of charm. It is extremely easy to become friends with these people and to find common language and interests to discuss. Also, these people are closely connected to the sphere of acting and show business. That is why there are a lot of famous people with name David, and one of the most popular celebrities, a truly legend of football history is David Beckham. Sometimes, due to a high popularity of this name it is very hard to determine a certain picture of all qualities of people who have name David. Usually, as it was mentioned before, this people are very social and always looking for new, interesting people to meet.
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Good Name 71 %
Bad Name 29 %
Masculine 89 %
Feminine 11 %
Classic 66 %
Modern 34 %
Mature 57 %
Youthful 43 %
Formal 58 %
Informal 42 %
Upperclass 47 %
Common 53 %
Urban 36 %
Natural 64 %
Wholesome 72 %
Devious 28 %
Strong 73 %
Delicate 27 %
Refined 65 %
Rough 35 %
Strange 47 %
Boring 53 %
Simple 43 %
Complex 57 %
Serious 50 %
Comedic 50 %
Nerdy 49 %
Unintellectual 51 %
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