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Name Daniel is a very popular male name, which is mostly used in Latin countries, and Spanish speaking countries. Also, due to a high mix of different nationalities, this name is extremely popular in the USA. Even despite the fact that this name came from Jewish language and country, and has a meaning of "God is my judge", this name doesn't almost used in modern Jewish culture. According to the meaning of this name, it used to have a strong and direct connection with religion and with God. Today, when a modern and developed society has new tendencies and believes, this meaning is omitted in 99% of cases. People with name Daniel are extremely sensitive and emotional .This is because of the region, and location where this name is used. It is a common and well known fact that people fro Latin and South America are way more emotional and expressive, that is why, generally, these people have such character. It doesn't mean that it is bad. There is no certain discussion about it, sometimes it could be considered as a huge advantage, but in most cases extra emotion could play a negative role during negotiation or just during ordinary discussion. This people always follow their old ideas and believes. That is why a famous expression "sangre por sangre" is still used in their culture. Translating from Spanish language it means "Blood for blood" which means that family (blood members) are of the most important thing in their culture and life.
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Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 91 %
Feminine 9 %
Classic 75 %
Modern 25 %
Mature 60 %
Youthful 40 %
Formal 68 %
Informal 32 %
Upperclass 54 %
Common 46 %
Urban 35 %
Natural 65 %
Wholesome 73 %
Devious 27 %
Strong 74 %
Delicate 26 %
Refined 67 %
Rough 33 %
Strange 55 %
Boring 45 %
Simple 61 %
Complex 39 %
Serious 62 %
Comedic 38 %
Nerdy 61 %
Unintellectual 39 %
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