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Connor is a typical Irish name, which firstly appeared in the middle or at the beginning of 17th century. Apparently, the most famous representative of this name is the world famous UFC fighter Connor Mcgregor. It is a pure representation of Irish soul. People with this name usually have a strong character, they are ready to protect themselves and their family members or relatives. A good example of this persons's type is wolf, an animal. Confident, strong and noble. This person will be a great backbone or a wall of any type of communication or relations. These people are always ready to help, motivate and encourage you whenever you need it. Connor is such a person who always fights for fairness and for the fact that everybody are equal in this world. This life positions appears due to a special and complicated character which usually people with name Connor have. Nevertheless, these people are very nice and polite and always ready to help you in financial and moral meaning. There is very interesting fact about the name Connor. This name, the a touching name of an early half-legendary and noble king of Ulster in Irish old mythology, is now just outside ranked as Top 50 - including together with all alternative variants of spellings. It would bring it only on Top 40 of the list of popular names. At the same time, in its native country - Ireland the Conor version is placed as the fourth most popular boys' name in the country.
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Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 90 %
Feminine 10 %
Classic 51 %
Modern 49 %
Mature 51 %
Youthful 49 %
Formal 51 %
Informal 49 %
Upperclass 50 %
Common 50 %
Urban 34 %
Natural 66 %
Wholesome 69 %
Devious 31 %
Strong 77 %
Delicate 23 %
Refined 59 %
Rough 41 %
Strange 54 %
Boring 46 %
Simple 48 %
Complex 52 %
Serious 51 %
Comedic 49 %
Nerdy 52 %
Unintellectual 48 %
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