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Name Claire is one of the most beautiful and noble names on our planet. According to scientists' thoughts, name originally came from France, in 16-17 century. Nowadays, name considered both, as French and English, due to historical and political situations at that time. Name is ranked as top 50 popular names in the word, which is breathtaking, isn't it? This gorgeous name also has a very positive meaning - "bright and clear". People with this name a very friendly, always ready to help you in almost every difficult life situation. These people always ready to listen to you and come up even at late night time. You are extremely lucky if you have at least one Claire in your friend circle. By the way, name Claire is pure female name, which partially explains such a huge and high level of positive energy, which comes from these people. People name Claire a very sensitive, and you should think twice, before insulting or saying inappropriate words or things towards these people. You have to appreciate these people and consider them as the biggest asset in you entire life. According to recent statistics, there are a lot of models with name Claire. Apparently, French roots have some impact, because France is considered as one of the biggest fashion centers in the world. It doesn't mean that you have to become a model. It shows that these people tend to have a creative and different job, which helps to be a part of a great family.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 4 %
Feminine 96 %
Classic 78 %
Modern 22 %
Mature 52 %
Youthful 48 %
Formal 74 %
Informal 26 %
Upperclass 73 %
Common 27 %
Urban 33 %
Natural 67 %
Wholesome 77 %
Devious 23 %
Strong 41 %
Delicate 59 %
Refined 82 %
Rough 18 %
Strange 58 %
Boring 42 %
Simple 67 %
Complex 33 %
Serious 67 %
Comedic 33 %
Nerdy 65 %
Unintellectual 35 %
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