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Name Carter is quite a new and modern name, which recently appeared in English culture and language. The meaning of this name is "one who uses a cart". As you may see, it is a verbal and literal translation of this name, which was created by summing two words "cart" and "er". It doesn't mean that the person with this name has to use a cart, it is just a literal translation of this new name. Unfortunately, there are not so many people who has this name as a first one. There are a lot of people who use Cart as the last name. You probably won't meet too many people with name Carter all around the world. The only place where you can meet Carter is England and United Kingdom. That is why it is very difficult to determine and collect unique character features, which could be applied directly to people with name Carter. Generally speaking, people with name Carter and polite enough, and will never insult you on purpose. You could easily find a common language and to become real friends with people name Carter. Also, being a father, is a great possibility for Carter to show his great potential for further family development. He will definitely become really good father, even despite his personal disadvantages. Unfortunately, these people don't have any special abilities and qualities to become a leader or a famous person. By the way, there are not so many famous people. Probably, the reason why it is happening is because this name is pretty new and modern.
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Good Name 71 %
Bad Name 29 %
Masculine 86 %
Feminine 14 %
Classic 37 %
Modern 63 %
Mature 48 %
Youthful 52 %
Formal 45 %
Informal 55 %
Upperclass 54 %
Common 46 %
Urban 55 %
Natural 45 %
Wholesome 69 %
Devious 31 %
Strong 78 %
Delicate 22 %
Refined 53 %
Rough 47 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 67 %
Complex 33 %
Serious 56 %
Comedic 44 %
Nerdy 55 %
Unintellectual 45 %
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