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Name Callie is one of the most ancient names on the planet. Unfortunately, today it is very hard to meet people with this amazing and adorable name due to its history. Historians believe that this name came form ancient Greece and have pure Greek roots. The first manuscripts,where this name was mentioned, were written even before Birth of Christ. Name Callie is fully covered with mystery and shade of its origin and usage. Today, in modern life this name is almost dead and it is extremely to meet this name in ordinary life. From Latin and Greek language this name is translated as "beauty and beautiful". There is some information, that this name was used as a mean and a tool of characterization of women beauty. It means that only beautiful and pretty women and ladies had a chance and possibility to have this name. In modern life, this name could be found only in rural or small cities, where people still appreciate believes and ritual of their ancestors. This name characterize its owner as a beautiful and sometimes arrogant person, full of confidence and ready to go at every possibility. You should always be careful with this people, you should expect everything form them. Callie has a very variable mood, which could lead to different consequences and sometimes it could insult and offend you. Don't take it way too personal .It is just a wrong day and place for you. Nevertheless, Callie are very polite and nice people.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 4 %
Feminine 96 %
Classic 39 %
Modern 61 %
Mature 28 %
Youthful 72 %
Formal 37 %
Informal 63 %
Upperclass 51 %
Common 49 %
Urban 23 %
Natural 77 %
Wholesome 70 %
Devious 30 %
Strong 50 %
Delicate 50 %
Refined 70 %
Rough 30 %
Strange 55 %
Boring 45 %
Simple 59 %
Complex 41 %
Serious 44 %
Comedic 56 %
Nerdy 50 %
Unintellectual 50 %
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