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Name Caleb originally came from Jewish culture and language. It means that there is a strong and special connection with God and religion in general. From Hebrew language, name Caleb is translated as "devotion to God". This name has a long and ancient story, which has started since the beginning of new Era. Nowadays, name Caleb is widely used almost all over the world, and attracts people from different countries and nationalities. People with this name tend to be creative and interesting personalities. It is extremely easy to find a common language and interests with people named Caleb. Of course, as usual, there are also a disadvantages. Sometimes these people could be arrogant and jealous towards other's people success. Despite the the fact that there is a bad side of these people, in general they are super kind and polite. They always in the center of attention, and appreciate their friends and close relatives. That is why, people with name Caleb are so popular among male part of the world. By the way, on the territory of modern United States of America, name Caleb was ranked as top 50 popular names. It means, that there is a huge demand on this name, especially in the USA due to political and historical reasons. Nevertheless, there are a lot of good qualities which could characterize people with name Caleb. They are very friendly and honest, always are ready to help you in every possible situation. That is the definition of good friend.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 89 %
Feminine 11 %
Classic 74 %
Modern 26 %
Mature 62 %
Youthful 38 %
Formal 54 %
Informal 46 %
Upperclass 61 %
Common 39 %
Urban 31 %
Natural 69 %
Wholesome 75 %
Devious 25 %
Strong 78 %
Delicate 22 %
Refined 62 %
Rough 38 %
Strange 63 %
Boring 37 %
Simple 58 %
Complex 42 %
Serious 64 %
Comedic 36 %
Nerdy 64 %
Unintellectual 36 %
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