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Brinley is quite a modern name, which doesn't have a great and interesting history of its origin and development all around the world. You will not meet people with this name on a common basis. Name Brinley could be used both for girls and boys, and it doesn't have any gender meaning. It is very difficult to determine a certain character or manner of person who has this name due to a low popularity of this name. Generally speaking, there are a lot of good and bad people who has name Brinley as their first name. Apart from that, some different variations of this name could be used in different countries and regions of our planet. People usually think that name Brinley is similar to Britney, but it doesn't have any connection and relevance to each other. Also, name Brinley has it's own meaning "burnt meadow". According to recent statistics, a vast majority of people which have name Brinley are girl, so in case if you want to name your son Brinley think twice before doing it. As it was already mentioned before, it is very hard to determine some certain character and manner of this person, usually, as practice shows, people with name Brinley are kind and polite enough. They doesn't have a lot of unique qualities and abilities, and the amount of celebrities all around the world proofs this fact. It means, that Brinley is just an ordinary name, which doesn't have extraordinary influence and meaning to its owner.
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