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iconInfo about the name BRIELLE:

Brielle is a popular French name, which nowadays is widely used all around the world. The origin of this name is under a mystery due to some facts. First of all, there are a few opinions about the country of origin of this name. Some group of scientists are sure that this name is 100% French and has only French roots. The other part has an opposite opinion. They believe that this name is an English one, and started its expansion all around the world from England. Unfortunately there is still no certain and correct answer regarding the origin of this name, but people used to think that this name is French. The reason why is because from French language this name translates as: "hunting grounds". Talking about how this name influence its owner, there are a lot of opinions and different characters. First of all, this name is female and used mostly on the territory of Europe. It turns out that people who have name Brielle usually are polite and kind people, with their own believes and thoughts. These people have a strong character and always follow their principles. As it is a female name, this name could bring extra confidence to the woman. Also, talking about a family life. People with name Brielle are good mothers and always do all their best to provide all the best conditions to the family. Nevertheless, sometimes they could face hard life times, and these people do really need someones support and encouragement.
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Good Name 68 %
Bad Name 32 %
Masculine 6 %
Feminine 94 %
Classic 29 %
Modern 71 %
Mature 26 %
Youthful 74 %
Formal 53 %
Informal 47 %
Upperclass 60 %
Common 40 %
Urban 48 %
Natural 52 %
Wholesome 69 %
Devious 31 %
Strong 35 %
Delicate 65 %
Refined 72 %
Rough 28 %
Strange 64 %
Boring 36 %
Simple 64 %
Complex 36 %
Serious 49 %
Comedic 51 %
Nerdy 42 %
Unintellectual 58 %
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