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iconInfo about the name BRIAN:

Brian is one of the most popular names on the territory of modern United States of America and all English speaking countries. This male name has a lot of different variations, which are pretty similar but used to be considered as absolutely different names. Name originally came from English language from Ireland. The literal translation of this name is "strong and honorable". And all these meaning perfectly represent real owners of this name all over the world. People with name Brian used to be strong character people, who always achieve their goals and fulfill all plans for the nearest future. These people are 100% reliable and they will never let you down. Generally speaking, person with name Brian could be considered as a long term perspective partner for business or any other activity. The main thing is that Brian will always say truth and will never hide any sort of information. Brian will always go straight ahead, they say what they think and feel. That is a perfect person to become a CEO of any big modern company, or as a personal assistant. Also, you should keep in mind, that it is very easy to insult and offend Brian. Despite the fact that these people strong like rocks in direct and indirect meaning of this word, they always take all said words too personal. That is why it is not recommended to argue and yell at this people. It is better to solve issue in peaceful manner, without shouting and extra negative energy.
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iconRatings Brian:
Good Name 74 %
Bad Name 26 %
Masculine 95 %
Feminine 5 %
Classic 63 %
Modern 37 %
Mature 61 %
Youthful 39 %
Formal 52 %
Informal 48 %
Upperclass 42 %
Common 58 %
Urban 39 %
Natural 61 %
Wholesome 72 %
Devious 28 %
Strong 78 %
Delicate 22 %
Refined 55 %
Rough 45 %
Strange 60 %
Boring 40 %
Simple 72 %
Complex 28 %
Serious 55 %
Comedic 45 %
Nerdy 58 %
Unintellectual 42 %
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