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  • The name Benjamin is a baby boy name.
  • Origin: Hebrew Baby Name Hebrew flag
  • Meaning: Son of the right hand
  • Pronounced: BEN-jə-min (English), ben-zha-MEN (French)
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iconInfo about the name BENJAMIN:

Name Benjamin is one of the oldest, noble and famous names among English speaking countries. This name is famous due to the person, who is considered to be a father of the modern country called The United States of America. This name is male and translated as "son of the right hand". It may sound like it has a connection with religion, but indeed it is not. Benjamin is a person who combines such qualities as a polite and kind person, strict enough and very smart. This person is always on a desire to create and develop something. These people used to be an first explorers in the field where they work and life. Sometimes, they pay to much attention to the work, that is why you have to treat him right and help when it is need. Generally speaking, Benjamin is a nice person, but also a good friend or business partner, This person always see a possibility and a great chance and potential, where the rest of people see nothing. That is why it is very important to deal and have business with this person. A smart person and a good business view is all you need for a successful startup. Despite the fact that Benjamin is a good business partner, he also could be a great father and a husband. Unfortunately, he is not a type of person who is very confident and could influence people easily. Nevertheless, Benjamin is a powerful tool for almost any possible sphere.
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iconRatings Benjamin:
Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 93 %
Feminine 7 %
Classic 67 %
Modern 33 %
Mature 58 %
Youthful 42 %
Formal 61 %
Informal 39 %
Upperclass 50 %
Common 50 %
Urban 32 %
Natural 68 %
Wholesome 73 %
Devious 27 %
Strong 69 %
Delicate 31 %
Refined 69 %
Rough 31 %
Strange 50 %
Boring 50 %
Simple 36 %
Complex 64 %
Serious 53 %
Comedic 47 %
Nerdy 54 %
Unintellectual 46 %
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