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Axel is a male name which has a close relation with musical word, and to be exactly with hard rock style of music. There are a lot of famous singers and musicians in this sphere, and apparently they all name Axel. Name Axel originally came from old Germany, at the beginning of 16th century. That is a year, and it is considered to be the date when this name was mentioned. According to the linguists, name Axel is translated and can be treated as a "father of peace". What does it mean? How it could have such a beautiful and peaceful meaning, while it is related to hard rock music style. It turns out, that this meaning a literal translation from old German language. By the way, this name is used not only in Germany, and far way beyond the German border. For example, such Scandinavians countries like Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norwey are in the list of countries, where name Axel is used. And it is actually very interesting situation, because Scandinavian countries are famous for theirs hard rock musicians, and name Axel is one of the most highly used name in this region. Axels or just people who have this name are tend to be very calm and polite. At the same time, a second part of theirs soul has a desire to become wild and uncontrolled. So rock musical style is a perfect possibility to represent yourself. Those people a extremely generous and friendly, despite the fact that they want to become famous rock starts.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 95 %
Feminine 5 %
Classic 36 %
Modern 64 %
Mature 36 %
Youthful 64 %
Formal 36 %
Informal 64 %
Upperclass 49 %
Common 51 %
Urban 62 %
Natural 38 %
Wholesome 40 %
Devious 60 %
Strong 86 %
Delicate 14 %
Refined 32 %
Rough 68 %
Strange 77 %
Boring 23 %
Simple 64 %
Complex 36 %
Serious 57 %
Comedic 43 %
Nerdy 48 %
Unintellectual 52 %
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