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Name Ava is a another variation of Eve. A famous bearer was the American actress and singer Ava Gardner (born in 1922-1990). Originally, this name was use din Latin languages. This name has a pretty direct meaning - "Live", which represents a big desire to has a long and very happy life without any issues. Right now, name could be considered as an international. It is very popular in overseas countries, in The Northern part of American continent, especially in The United States of America and Canada. Name is ranked as 5th popular name on the territory of USA. As it was mentioned before, name represents a huge desire to be alive. Name has a special aura, which brings an owner a special feelings and emotions. This name couldn't be considered as a name of noble or as a part of famous families. It is pretty usual and ordinary name, which has a wide range of usages all around the world. People with this name don't have a strong character or confidence. That is why you have to be extremely careful and polite with these people because you may offend or insult this person very easy. It doesn't mean that it would be done intentionally, but due to their soft character every world could be considered as a sharp knife. Generally speaking, people with name Ava are more likely to become a good mother and wife. Family is probably the main life goal which they want to achieve and do all their best for providing good life conditions.
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Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 2 %
Feminine 98 %
Classic 53 %
Modern 47 %
Mature 47 %
Youthful 53 %
Formal 52 %
Informal 48 %
Upperclass 56 %
Common 44 %
Urban 34 %
Natural 66 %
Wholesome 75 %
Devious 25 %
Strong 48 %
Delicate 52 %
Refined 80 %
Rough 20 %
Strange 52 %
Boring 48 %
Simple 50 %
Complex 50 %
Serious 58 %
Comedic 42 %
Nerdy 51 %
Unintellectual 49 %
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