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iconInfo about the name AUSTIN:

Name Austin is generally an a pure English name, which today is used all over the world. Today, due to high expansion of this name, a lot of different variation have appeared. For example, for the last few decades such names as Augustine, Austen, Austyn are widely used together with name Austin, and used to be considered as unique names. People with name Austin tend to be talented in different spheres of culture. For example, there are a lot of famous actors, singer and just celebrities from all spheres of mass media production. All these qualities and abilities to become famous person are already given to this name's owner from its born. Austin are very expressive and has a very variable character, which may insult and offend people who work together with Austin. Nevertheless, Austin is very kind and polite person, who will never make you hurt on purpose. You also should keep in mind, that Austin is very sensitive and could easily consider all your words as personal criticism. You should be always careful when you talk personally with Austin. They are people of culture and artistic, which means that their worldview and they way how they react on information is completely different, and is not the same as ordinary people have. Despite the fact, that Austin is very sensitive, they also could be very aggressive and mean to mean who don't treat the, in right and nice way. Generally speaking, if you want to be a friend with Austin, keep the distance and talk less.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 87 %
Feminine 13 %
Classic 41 %
Modern 59 %
Mature 54 %
Youthful 46 %
Formal 57 %
Informal 43 %
Upperclass 50 %
Common 50 %
Urban 41 %
Natural 59 %
Wholesome 68 %
Devious 32 %
Strong 79 %
Delicate 21 %
Refined 56 %
Rough 44 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 60 %
Complex 40 %
Serious 44 %
Comedic 56 %
Nerdy 55 %
Unintellectual 45 %
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