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Atticus is one of the most rare names in the world. There reason why it is happening is quite simple. Name Atticus is a literature name. Nevertheless, scientists believe that the first mention of this name was made in ancient Latin. Name itself is not real and is not very popular among all countries. Name is mainly male. Atticus translated as from Attica, which is a Latin language, which is actually a dead one. People with this name used to be an ordinary people, without any extraordinary qualities. Despite this fact, person with name Atticus is very polite and nice. It is a great pleasure to have such a person in your own circle of friends. As it was mentioned before, name is a literature name. The best example is a famous tv show "Californication". Atticus is a famous rock start which wants to write an autobiography. Atticus Fitch doesn't have any mercy and politeness. He is a person who uses drugs and a lot of alcohol. In this tv show Atticus is an arrogant and haughty person, which does not have any conformity with real qualities and character of real owner of name Atticus. As it was mentioned before, there is not so many information about the origin of this name and any possible characteristics and best qualities of owner of this name. Generally speaking, people with this name have a big heart and extremely sensitive. Always ready to help in any situation and to listen and help to solve complicated problems and issues.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 97 %
Feminine 3 %
Classic 81 %
Modern 19 %
Mature 81 %
Youthful 19 %
Formal 78 %
Informal 22 %
Upperclass 76 %
Common 24 %
Urban 50 %
Natural 50 %
Wholesome 72 %
Devious 28 %
Strong 80 %
Delicate 20 %
Refined 71 %
Rough 29 %
Strange 73 %
Boring 27 %
Simple 28 %
Complex 72 %
Serious 77 %
Comedic 23 %
Nerdy 70 %
Unintellectual 30 %
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