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Astrid is a modern form of an ancient name ÁSTRÍÐR. Name was extremely popular among all Scandinavian countries in 1900th and was considered as a noble and royal name, which had a big power and respect from all Scandinavian citizens in that time. This name was born by Astrid Lindgrenthe (a Swedish poet,born in 1907-2002), he is an author of 'Pippi Longstocking'. Right now, name Astrid is ranked as 40th in Denmark and is placed in Top 20 popular names in Sweden. However, in the whole world, this names isn't very widespread. People with this name usually have a huge inner desire to apply their abilities and talents in management and leadership , in order to have their own independence. This people would rather be focused on important and large issues, and omit small details. Usually, people with name are more practical and has a high potential to become a highly professional leaders and managers in different sphere, especially in business and politics. As it was already mentioned before, these people are similar to Germans, due to their character, ability and desire to do everything on time. These people are 100% reliable and will never let you down. In case if something goes wrong, they will always warn you in advance. People with name Astrid are pretty straight and don't act like people who want to hide and cover some information, which in their opinion should not be announced. That is why it is extremely easy to become friends with these people.
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Good Name 75 %
Bad Name 25 %
Masculine 5 %
Feminine 95 %
Classic 75 %
Modern 25 %
Mature 56 %
Youthful 44 %
Formal 72 %
Informal 28 %
Upperclass 75 %
Common 25 %
Urban 37 %
Natural 63 %
Wholesome 68 %
Devious 32 %
Strong 66 %
Delicate 34 %
Refined 75 %
Rough 25 %
Strange 74 %
Boring 26 %
Simple 36 %
Complex 64 %
Serious 72 %
Comedic 28 %
Nerdy 71 %
Unintellectual 29 %
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