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  • The name Asher is a baby boy name.
  • Origin: Hebrew Baby Name Hebrew flag
  • Meaning: Fortunate, blessed, happy one
  • Pronounced: אָשֵׁר (Hebrew) A-shər (English)
  • 1 votes average 5 out of 5

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iconInfo about the name ASHER:

Asher is one of the oldest and ancient name on our planet. This name is closely connected with religion and firstly was mentioned in Old Testament.Name is male. Apparently, name has a Hebrew origin. Nowadays this name has a special meaning and value. Unfortunately, it is not a widespread name due to geographical and religious reasons, but people who live on the territory of Israel treat this name is a special way. Asher is also very popular on the territory of The United States of America, because of a massive immigration of Jewish in the past few centuries. Name itself is translated as "fortunate, blessed, happy one". The reason why it has such a meaning is because of relation with religion. People with this name a extremely polite and nice people. They will never let you down and lie to you. They have their own principle and they follow religious rules, which are actually very strict. Ashers have a string inner character and motivation. They could be good friends and companions due to their good qualities. Unfortunately, there is not so many information about this name due to its mystery origin. Some people don't believe in God, and it may insult any Asher. People with name Asher are very close to God and have a special attitude to religion. That is why it is not recommend to argue about the fact of existence of God and any similar topic. Don't insult Asher, this name has a special aura which may effect your future.
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Good Name 72 %
Bad Name 28 %
Masculine 87 %
Feminine 13 %
Classic 61 %
Modern 39 %
Mature 50 %
Youthful 50 %
Formal 51 %
Informal 49 %
Upperclass 60 %
Common 40 %
Urban 41 %
Natural 59 %
Wholesome 65 %
Devious 35 %
Strong 73 %
Delicate 27 %
Refined 59 %
Rough 41 %
Strange 68 %
Boring 32 %
Simple 55 %
Complex 45 %
Serious 62 %
Comedic 38 %
Nerdy 53 %
Unintellectual 47 %
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