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iconInfo about the name ARIANA:

Nowadays, name Ariana is not so popular as it used to be in ancient Italy and Greece. Modern scientists believe that this name is a modern English name, but due to latest statistics, these name outside and not even included in top 50 popular female English names. It is a pity situation, considering the history of origin of this name and it's beauty. This name has a literal translation: " most holy". Usually, people with this name are extremely kind and polite. They don't like to risk and be in the center of attention. It is a perfect example of so called "goo girls", who don't visit night clubs and go straight to bed. Also, these people are good friends and always have a good and big family. The reason why is actually pretty simple and obvious. Ariana is a good and loved mother, who neglect her work and stay at home and look after her children and waits for the husband. She will be a perfect mother and wife. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of disadvantages, which usually appear after a long time of communication. For example, it is a common fact, that sometimes it is so easy to make her disappointed and insult these people. Due to soft and kind character, for some certain amount of people, it is almost impossible to have friendship or even talk. That is why you have to be super careful and think twice before getting acquainted with this person.
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iconRatings Ariana:
Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 2 %
Feminine 98 %
Classic 49 %
Modern 51 %
Mature 46 %
Youthful 54 %
Formal 66 %
Informal 34 %
Upperclass 63 %
Common 37 %
Urban 40 %
Natural 60 %
Wholesome 71 %
Devious 29 %
Strong 43 %
Delicate 57 %
Refined 76 %
Rough 24 %
Strange 58 %
Boring 42 %
Simple 39 %
Complex 61 %
Serious 59 %
Comedic 41 %
Nerdy 50 %
Unintellectual 50 %
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