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iconInfo about the name ANTHONY:

Name Anthony is a popular male name, which today is used all over the world and almost in every country. This name is ranked as top 25 names in the USA, Latin America countries, Italy and many other European countries. Name Anthony originally came from Latin language. That is why it is so popular in Italy and countries which are closely located to Italy. From Latin language it means "priceless one". Due to this fact, people with name Anthony are a little bit arrogant and in love with themselves. It doesn't mean that these people are bad, it is just a special character which usually Anthony has. Despite the fact that these people are arrogant, they also are self confident and mentally strong. It is very hard and difficult to insult or abuse people with name Anthony. They are always ready to protect themselves and their closest friends and relatives. That is why family and friends, and generally speaking, all the closest people are so important and play important, and i would say vital part of Anthony's life. They also have to be in the center of attention, in order to understand that they are popular and someone really needs them. Generally speaking, this people also has a emotional and sometimes spontaneous character, which is usual part of any South American representative of this name. Nevertheless, as it was mentioned before, these people are very kind, polite and always appreciate their closest friends and relatives, which play an important role of their life.
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Good Name 73 %
Bad Name 27 %
Masculine 94 %
Feminine 6 %
Classic 70 %
Modern 30 %
Mature 67 %
Youthful 33 %
Formal 70 %
Informal 30 %
Upperclass 57 %
Common 43 %
Urban 45 %
Natural 55 %
Wholesome 68 %
Devious 32 %
Strong 78 %
Delicate 22 %
Refined 64 %
Rough 36 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 54 %
Complex 46 %
Serious 60 %
Comedic 40 %
Nerdy 57 %
Unintellectual 43 %
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