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Name Annabelle hast very interesting history of forming and origin. Scientists and historians have some thoughts about the origin of this name. It turns out, that Annabelle could be considered as one of the most oldest name in Europe. Originally, name came from ancient France, and there are still manuscripts and book, where this name was mentioned. By the way, these manuscripts are over 1000 thousand year old. Just think about it. Nowadays, this name was transformed and adapted to different languages. English language is not an exception, and today there are such form of this name like Anabella, Anabelle, Annabel, Annabella, Arabella, Amabel. Name Annabelle is translated like "loving" which means that the person with this name places love and family on the first place of main life priorities. Person with name Annabelle will always keep family and love on the first place, there is nothing more important for this people. Love is what they all need. Keep this fact in mind, you have to give enough attention and love to this people. Otherwise, it might offend and insult Annabelles which could cause unpredictable problems and issues. Generally speaking, almost all people with name Annabelle and kind and polite, they have a soft character, but it does not mean that you could be in charge of these people and use them for any possible reason. Of course not, Annabelle always know the value of their time and personality as well. They will never let you to use them for your own needs.
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Good Name 77 %
Bad Name 23 %
Masculine 1 %
Feminine 99 %
Classic 66 %
Modern 34 %
Mature 47 %
Youthful 53 %
Formal 61 %
Informal 39 %
Upperclass 63 %
Common 37 %
Urban 21 %
Natural 79 %
Wholesome 80 %
Devious 20 %
Strong 41 %
Delicate 59 %
Refined 80 %
Rough 20 %
Strange 51 %
Boring 49 %
Simple 42 %
Complex 58 %
Serious 57 %
Comedic 43 %
Nerdy 53 %
Unintellectual 47 %
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