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Aiden is a pure Irish name, which firstly was used at the beginning of 10th century. This name is a perfect example of how people in Ireland treat and love their traditions. Name Aiden is still widely used on the territory of Ireland. This name still has a direct meaning "Little Fire". It means, that people with this name are tend to be emotional and sometimes spontaneous. These people always appreciate feelings and thoughts that came up to their mind. In modern life, Aiden is a perfect representation of people who are always in the center of attention. They always do their best in order to help surrounding people, especially to people who have a bigger value and meaning in their lifes. Nevertheless, there are a lot of disadvantages in their character. For example, it is extremely easy to irritate these people due to their spontaneous character. Aiden is very ambitious person, with their own believes and principles which will be followed and fulfilled anyway. Talking about family life, there is no certain answer to that question. Usually, Aiden is a good and loved father, who does all for his family and always work hard in order to provide best possibilities for his children and wife. For Aiden, politically connected job would be a perfect choice. The reason why, is because these job requires an inner will and desire to help people and work hard everyday. You have to have inner fire, which will be always turned on and be a source of unlimited flow of energy.
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Good Name 63 %
Bad Name 37 %
Masculine 88 %
Feminine 12 %
Classic 37 %
Modern 63 %
Mature 35 %
Youthful 65 %
Formal 43 %
Informal 57 %
Upperclass 44 %
Common 56 %
Urban 43 %
Natural 57 %
Wholesome 56 %
Devious 44 %
Strong 70 %
Delicate 30 %
Refined 54 %
Rough 46 %
Strange 62 %
Boring 38 %
Simple 59 %
Complex 41 %
Serious 52 %
Comedic 48 %
Nerdy 51 %
Unintellectual 49 %
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