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Name Abigail is a popular female name. Originally, this name was a Jewish popular name. This name literally translated as "my father is joyful". Nowadays, this name is widely used in English speaking countries and on the territory of modern European Union. People with this name consider their main goal and purpose of life a family. Family is all these people need. Abigail wants to be a huge part of this family and provide all the best and all possibilities which family needs. Of course, such a passion and desire to create and help her family is a good motivation. Unfortunately, sometimes, it may play a bad joke. There are a lot of situations, when people with name Abigail made some spontaneous and stupid decisions which eventually and finally came up with a bad result and effect. That is why Abigail always has to understand that family is in safety and there is no threat. If Abigail is a part of your family, give her more time and free space. This person have to understand, that she is in charge of situation and only her decisions could influence current situation. Nevertheless, people with name Abigail are very nice and truthful. They always help her family and people who matters something to her. You have appreciate these people and realize the fact, that she is ready almost on everything in order to help you and provide best understanding. That is why there are not so many celebrities with this name due to these reasons which were mentioned above.
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Good Name 76 %
Bad Name 24 %
Masculine 6 %
Feminine 94 %
Classic 70 %
Modern 30 %
Mature 58 %
Youthful 42 %
Formal 68 %
Informal 32 %
Upperclass 57 %
Common 43 %
Urban 25 %
Natural 75 %
Wholesome 79 %
Devious 21 %
Strong 54 %
Delicate 46 %
Refined 79 %
Rough 21 %
Strange 52 %
Boring 48 %
Simple 46 %
Complex 54 %
Serious 61 %
Comedic 39 %
Nerdy 57 %
Unintellectual 43 %
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