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Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

calendarNovember 18, 2016

leg cramps during early pregnancy

At 32 weeks of pregnancy you may be through with all the preparations and packing that must be done in preparation for the upcoming baby. This is the best time of the pregnancy to enjoy and feel the presence of the baby because the baby can now interact with you by kicking and rocking inside the womb. By this time, your baby may weigh around 4 pounds already so you may feel heaviness and low back pain. The baby may be in a curled position and during this time, the baby’s gender can also be determined. Your baby may be rolling and rocking inside your time and the baby’s space inside the tummy is now becoming tighter too. By now, the baby is in a better position preparing for the delivery day. The head is down in your pelvis which is ideal for a normal delivery. Though, there are some babies that are into the breech position at 32 weeks, there is nothing to worry because the baby may be in a proper position at 34 weeks which is the full term of pregnancy. There are women who still suffer from late pregnancy symptoms at 32 weeks such as morning sickness and food cravings but these are unusual and happen on a case to case basis. At 32 weeks, the baby is already ready for the breast milk formula, because soon the baby will get out in the real world and will no longer feed on the umbilical cord. Soon you will prepare mashed potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and bananas for the food. The baby’s digestive system is well prepared for breast milk at 32 weeks and by now, the baby is also getting more fat from you so you can see that the skin is more of a newborn already and very much prepared to see the lights and the air in the real world. At 8 months of pregnancy, you may feel drastic weight gain and your blood volume is now more than 50 percent than usual which makes you very much prepared for the delivery. You may feel fatigue, body aches, back pain, constipation, hardness to sleep, calf pain, heartburn, leg pain during pregnancy, discharges in the vagina, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, muscle spasms and contractions too. Some suffer from late pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and morning sickness. The contractions are quite normal because at this stage the body is preparing for the labor and false signs of labor may be normal. If you feel uncomfortable with it, you may try taking warm baths to help you relax and eliminate discomfort. You can also eat in small portions so that contractions will be lessened. You can ask your doctor about what is best for you at this stage of pregnancy.

Why Do I Get Leg Cramps?

No one knows why most pregnancy women suffer from leg pain or foot cramps. It may be quite probable that the muscles of the legs are tired from carrying the additional weight of the body or it might also be because of the pressure of the expanded uterus on the blood vessels that brings back the blood from the legs to the heart and to the nerves from the leg trunks. Cramps in legs might start to spate from the second trimester and it may get worse as the pregnancy goes on and as the tummy gets bigger. Though the cramps may happen at daytime, you may also notice that leg cramping is most prominent at night time and it may inhibit your sleeping pattern.

Ways to Prevent Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

  • Do not cross your legs for a long period of time to prevent leg pain during pregnancy.
  • Do some stretching with the calf muscles daily through the day and before going to bed while pregnant to prevent sore legs.
  • Rotate the ankles and wiggle the toes while sitting, standing or watching a movie at night.
  • Take a walk daily unless your doctor says you have to take a rest.
  • Do not do tiresome activities. When you lie down, do that on your left side to improve the body and leg circulation.
  • Drink lots of water through the day.
  • Take a bath with warm water to relax the muscles at night.

These are just some of the helpful tips that you can do at home while you are pregnant to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy. Some doctors will suggest that you take a calcium or a magnesium supplement to add to the prenatal vitamins that can help some women prevent leg cramps. On the other hand, there are also researchers that say magnesium vitamins will not be effective in solving cramps in legs during pregnancy. You still need to ask your doctor about it, find out if it is meant for you. You might have heard of leg cramps as a sign that you are in need of more calcium in the body. Some say that it can help in relieving leg problems. Even if it is essential to get more amount of calcium during pregnancy, there is no proof that taking additional calcium can help in solving leg cramps while you are pregnant. The truth is that in a study, pregnant women who religiously take calcium supplement got no relief from it than those who are taking the placebo.

Leg Cramps Pregnancy: Possible Reasons and Solutions

It is not really unusual to suffer from leg cramps while pregnant, especially during the third trimester. Almost ½ of when pregnant suffer from muscle spasms in the legs with frequent cramps at night time. leg cramps may be due to the fact that pregnant women are gaining weight and there is also an alteration in the circulation in the body. The pressure from the growing baby might also be placed on the nerves and so do with the blood vessels that may go to the legs.

Cramps in Legs During Pregnancy

You must be annoyed during your pregnancy because of your bigger belly and leg cramps. This achy spasm may go through the calves and up to the legs. But, this is just what you may expect during the second trimester of your pregnancy to the last trimester. It is most prominent at night time. The even the doctors are not really sure about it, there are myths that fatigue from the pregnancy weight, compression of the blood vessels in your legs and your diet might be the culprit of this problem. The lack of enough magnesium and calcium may also be the reason for this. But of course, the pregnancy hormones contribute to the pains in your legs.

What to Do for Calf Cramps?

Painful leg cramps during pregnancy

You can just simply make your legs straight and flex your ankles and toes few times through the day. You can also try standing on a cold surface, which can also be of help in averting the spasm. If it is bothering you, you can call your doctor, because the pain might be because of a blood clot and getting a massage can just make the situation worse. You can also try having a prenatal massage or just use a heating pad to get relief for those who are annoyed with recurring leg cramps during pregnancy. Leg issues are a sudden fixing of muscles, which can bring about serious agony. It is not phenomenal to experience leg spasms amid pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Half of every pregnant woman experience the ill effects of muscle fits in their calves, with cramping more successive amid the night. Nobody truly knows why ladies have expanded leg spasms amid pregnancy. The theory is that your leg muscles are drained and pushed from conveying additional weight. As you put on more weight, your leg issues might increment. It could be brought on by weight from the developing infant and growing uterus being put on the nerves and veins that go to your legs. There is some hypothesis that too little calcium can bring about leg spasms. There are no great studies that backing these hypotheses right now. It is a smart thought to build your calcium consumption amid your pregnancy. This supplement is vital to your child's advancement and keeps your own particular bones solid and sound.

Leg Pain During Pregnancy

The ligament's that incorporate and maintains your uterus is mindful to bring about spasms in your body. The extension of ligaments happens as the infant creates inside your uterus. At whatever point you change your positions your ligaments will extend and issues will create inside your body. Ligaments might issue at whatever time amid your pregnancy yet are more unmistakable between the fourteenth to the twentieth week of pregnancy. As your uterus grows, the ligaments are crunched and strain is created on them, the pelvic bone ought to have the capacity to hold the heaviness of the uterus yet is not yet totally doing as such and henceforth the ligaments begin to agony and issues are brought about. When you encounter this agony, instantly lie on one side and take full breaths. Attempt and unwind your body. The minute your body is casual the agony dies down. A boiling hot water jug will likewise diminish the agony. Now and then you encounter issues amid sex amid a climax or after your climax. Your blood tissues close to your pelvic range develops amid pregnancy and because of this overabundance measure of blood to your privates, this is experienced amid your sex. Furthermore, an attempt to instantly unwind yourself and ask your accomplice to delicately rub your lower back territory until you feel better. You ought to counsel your specialist; your specialist may have the capacity to exhort you what ought to be done to maintain a strategic distance from such a torment amid your intercourse. Legitimate safeguards ought to be taken with the goal that you don't in any capacity hurt your infant inside.

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