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30+ Secret Tips How to Tell if a Guy Likes You - Knowledge Is a Power

calendarMarch 27, 2017

When you begin to have feelings towards someone you are made very vulnerable by the situation. After all, it is one of two options; either he likes you or he doesn’t. A classic scenario that plays itself all over the world, every day, in every culture is boy meets girl, boy likes girl and girl likes boy too. However (this is where the waters become muddied) the boy doesn’t verbalize his feelings to the girl. So the girl is left wondering does he really like me or was that just a friendly hand squeeze?

Obviously no one can read another’s mind but you can read into someone’s actions. There are always telltale signs of where he is at because he can’t control his emotions at all times. He will unconsciously act on a feeling and that’s how you can tell if a guy really likes you.

Watch His Body Language


Here are some sure fire signs to look out for to make it even clearer:

1. His manners:

Watching his behavior around you shows he really likes you and wants to impress you. Even the sloppiest of guys will clean up his act when he is with the girl he likes.

He can be a Tasmanian devil when alone or with his friends but for you, he will be on his best behavior.
  • Phone etiquette: If a guy likes you he will refrain from picking calls or texting while on a date with you unless he expressly gets an ok from you. It shows he values his time with you.
  • Opening doors and pulling out chairs: He will definitely open doors and pull out chairs for you if he likes you. By doing this he communicates that he knows how to treat a lady and that you are the lady that he wants to treat well.
  • Waiting for you to make your order first: By letting you order first, he shows that he is putting your needs before his. The reason for this is because he likes you and likes doing things for you.
  • Offers you his handkerchief: This is a two prong scenario. The first scenario: in case of a spillage, if he likes you, he will not offer you paper towels. Instead, he will give you his freshly laundered handkerchief to use. Or in the second instance, because he likes you he will give you his handkerchief which you will feel compelled to return and therefore he can spend more time with you.
  • Drapes his coat over your cold shoulders: This is a very romantic gesture not to be shared with just anyone. By draping his coat over your shoulders he is actually communicating to everyone else that you are his responsibility and he will protect you. A guy only does that when he likes you.
  • Sees you home and into the house: Another sign that he likes you is when you are out together, he sees you home and makes sure you are in the house before he leaves. This shows that your safety is his priority and he will keep you safe.

2. His body language:

The same way a man’s body language communicates confidence is the same way it communicates whether he likes you or not. Nonverbal communication is a perfect way to verify what he is feeling for you.

  • He keeps constant eye contact: Lack of eye contact shows a wandering mind and a disinterest in you and your time together. If a man likes you, he won’t look away because he is interested in what you have to say and likes listening to you speak. Locking eyes is also very intimate and seductive.
  • He steals glances: We are not talking about furtive glances here. We mean he waits and when you are not looking, he takes the time to study your face maybe with a little smile on his lips. When you do look up he looks away. Or he glances at you over the rim of his coffee cup. Those glances mean he likes you.
  • Facial expression: If there is a lot of smiling and a crinkling around the eyes when he looks at you then he likes you. Look for a smile that reaches his eyes because some people can smile only with their mouths. A disinterested man will wear a facial expression of tolerance or even show no emotion at all.
  • Posture: If he is seating upright and with his palms facing down, he is open to you which shows he likes you. This is an inviting posture unlike crossing of the arms. It invites you into his space because he likes your presence there and wants to engage with you.
  • Makes the same gestures you do: If he mirrors your actions he likes you. This behavior has been proven to show that the other person agrees with you and is feeling a bond with you.
  • Touching: One of the things that will give away how much he likes you is a touch here and there. At first, it may be accidental, then his knee touches yours again and he doesn’t pull away. If he is finding ways in which he can touch you (appropriately of course) he definitely likes you.
  • He leans towards you: This shows he would like to be in your space more. It could be leaning in to hear what you are saying above the din or leaning in to whisper something in your ear. It signifies that he is comfortable with you and likes being around you.

3. Where he wines and dines you:

One of the preferred places for a guy to hang out with a girl is a restaurant. Food and love go hand in hand. When he likes you he will often invite you out for a meal. His choice of the restaurant can tell you if does like you or not.

  • Italian restaurants: Italian food is very romantic. From risotto or spaghetti and Italian meatballs to the wines paired with the food. These are meals meant to be shared with someone you are romantically inclined towards. If that is where he is taking you it is a yes to liking you.
  • French bistros: Being that the concept of a bistro is informal, relaxed and intimate, when a guy takes you to one it shows he wants some informal, relaxed and intimate time with you. Add the fact that it is a French concept (Language of love) then there is no doubt he likes you.
  • Wine bistros: A man who takes you to a wine bistros or wine tasting doesn’t just think you are a platonic friend. If anything, nothing screams “I like you!” like a shared glass of wine. Taking you to wine bistro means he wants romantic quality time with you.
  • Coffee shop: Although this may sound ordinary, coffee has always been linked to love. When a guy asks you out on a first date he will probably ask if he can buy you a cup of coffee. Long intimate conversations have been had over a cup of coffee. Sharing a cup with you sets the stage for one of those conversations.

4. His choice of topic in your conversation:

From a conversation, you can glean a lot about someone. It is an eye opener to the character and personality of the other person. Sit down for a little chat and you will know if he likes you or you are just a buddy.

  • You: If he is asking loads of questions about you, it shows it is you he is interested in and he wants to know you better. By understanding you he can enhance his relationship with you. He seeks all this information about you because he likes you.
  • Himself: Everyone is very guarded about their past experiences, their struggles and even their future. Although it would not be advisable for anyone to divulge information about himself too early in the relationship, if he is an open book and answers some personal questions it shows that he likes you and trusts you. This is especially profound when it is a shy guy.
  • His future plans: This is a good sign that he likes you and sees you in his future. A man will not share his future plans with just anyone. That he has chosen to let you in on his vision for himself and possibly others shows he has confidence in his feelings for you.
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5. His spending on you:

This is not about expensive presents or vacations. In actual fact these cannot really tell you if a guy likes you or not. If he is wealthy these things are second nature to him. It is the priceless things that he gets you that will show he is crazy about you.

  • Photo frames: If you visited the photo booth together and took some goofy pictures then he shows up having framed one of you and him looking into each other’s eyes, that is a sure sign that he likes you. He captured a happy moment with both of you in it.
  • A mix tape: Making a mix tape with your favorite love songs on it screams I like you. This is an inexpensive but timeless and priceless gift. The fact that the songs are love songs is a huge banner declaring his feelings.
  • Treat to a spa: If he treats you to a day at the spa because he knows how much you love it and deserve it, he absolutely likes you. If he secretly found out all your favorite spa treatments and booked them for you it shows this is not just a friend.
  • Skating: This is such a romantic activity. If he is a quiet guy, the close proximity to you when skating is his way of showing you he likes you. It is also a reminder of how you loved the skating rink as a teenager.
  • A bouquet of flowers: If he sends you a bouquet of your favorite flowers at work with a card just signed in his name, he likes you. Flowers are a gorgeous way to express himself without verbally expounding on his feelings. Thank him for a text before you see each other to keep the mood going.
  • Cooking: A guy will get into the kitchen for a woman he likes. If he sweats to make you a meal he is serious about dating you.

Other ways to tell if he likes you are:

  • If he breathes into his hand and smells his breath to make sure is fresh. He doesn’t want to offend you with bad breath. If he takes extra care with his grooming when you are around, it because he likes you.
  • If he introduces you to his friends he likes you. His buddies know him well and their opinion matters to him. His decision to introduce you to them shows that apart from liking you, he is proud to be associated with you and wants to show you off.
  • If he shows up unannounced at work or college to pick you up and take you home or for dinner or coffee he does like you. It doesn’t matter to him how he spends time with you as long as he does.
  • Including you in his plans, whether vacation or every day plans, is a clear indication that he likes you. For example, if he is planning a road trip with his friends and includes you or he is doing some charity work and wants you to go along with him, it shows he enjoys your company no matter where he is or with whom.

It is very important to know how to tell if a guy likes you. More so because experiences like heartbreak and disappointment have made many wary of relationships and you could end up wasting your time thinking he is the one when he isn’t. Unfortunately the more a man experiences life the more guarded he becomes. But even the most guarded guy cannot put up a wall forever.

An older guy with a rough exterior will be vulnerable at some point and you can accurately read him. And even when dating online, things he will say will give you an inkling of what he is feeling. Because emotions have a way of overwhelming us when they are manifesting, you must be careful upon finding out if a guy likes you. It’s your responsibility to make him feel secure in his feelings for you. If you toy with him you may just destroy a fragile heart and make it harder for whoever comes along to tell where she stands. This may cost them both a true love.

How to know if a guy likes you (from a real expert!) watching this video:

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