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15+ Sure-Fire Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous and Want You More than Anyone Else

calendarApril 03, 2017

Is your sweetheart neglecting you lately? By knowing how to make your boyfriend jealous, you can win back his affection once again. In subsequent paragraphs, instead of pointing out the drawbacks of making your boyfriend jealous, we will focus on how it can help to enhance your relationship without cheating on him. It will be absolutely okay to behave in much the same way your sweetheart has behaved recently.

Both of you must have been in this affair for quite some time, as this trick of making him envious will definitely pay rich dividends in the long run. A lot of women have applied this technique to win back the love of their boyfriends and you can try follow their path. Below we have listed several important tips on how to make your crush jealous.

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1. Flirting with other men

By nature, most men try to compete with each other and appear the best in front of the opposite sex. Your boyfriend is sure to get mad if he finds you having a nice time with other men. It is important that you start laughing and giggling with other guys in front of your crush because he might have some element of doubt in his mind if he knows about this from someone else.

However, do not cross the line while flirting, since you must also allow your man to understand that he can still get you.

No one on the planet likes the idea of his girlfriend going out with other guys. Showing your crush that there are plenty of men available for you will surely drive him insane. He will start considering himself rather fortunate to have a girl like you as his partner. Also, if you want to attract any guy to take you out for a date for the first time, flirting might be the ideal solution. He will feel the urge to go out with you before missing his opportunity and seeing you around with other guys.

2. Do not reply to his messages instantaneously

This strategy is sure to grab his attention. You must make your best effort to remain calm, even though you might feel frustrated by his texts, as he will not understand what's going on in your mind. Try to pretend that you have lots of work and that you are not waiting all day expecting that he will text you. Also, try not to reply to his messages by text immediately which may make him think that there are other guys with whom you are also texting.

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This will surely make him jealous. However, waiting for a considerable amount of time before replying to his messages, might make him think that you do not have feelings for him anymore. This will not help to improve your relationship at all.

3. Post your photos flirting with other guys

According to many girls, their boyfriends take them for granted which is something they dislike. Many guys feel bored with their long affairs and fail to realize how fortunate they are to have such attractive partners. You should try to remind him that there is a social life for you and many guys who might like to spend time in your company.

The pictures you post must showcase that you are enjoying life to the fullest, along with your male friends. Making your partner understand that you are being appreciated by other individuals and driving him crazy by the fact that he is being cheated on is not the same thing.

4. Try to be a bit vague while communicating with him

This is a surefire way to make your boyfriend mad. Every guy prefers his girlfriend to be independent and not beg for affection from him. Although you might send him text messages that demonstrate your fondness for him, your boyfriend might not appreciate when you overshare. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a bit of vague and mysterious while interacting with him. By doing this, he will remain interested in you and be curious to know something more about you.

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5. Have an intimate guy friend

In case you are wondering how to make your boyfriend long for you, then you should not ignore this particular tip on how to make your boyfriend jealous and want you more. Although you and your guy friend might have been together since childhood and treat each other like brother and sister, your present boyfriend might wonder whether you have anything more personal going on with him.

You should try to mingle with your guy friend quite frequently and converse with him whenever you get the opportunity, as this will definitely make your sweetheart think of you much more.

6. Show him that you are texting your ex-boyfriend

In spite of the fact that your present boyfriend says he is not concerned about your past, he might still be worrying about your relationship with your ex. Thus, you can make a guy jealous through texting your ex-boyfriend and he will try every means to make you feel more attracted to him instead.

7. Speak about celebrity guys

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A fantastic way to make your boyfriend jealous will be to talk about superstar models or celebrities that you find handsome and attractive. This will certainly remind him that you are able to attract other males, apart from him, which will force him to try and grab your attention.

8. Appear attractive for everyone except your boyfriend

Often times guys take their girlfriends for granted and seem to overlook their sweethearts over time. However, no girl would ever want that. If this is true in your case, try to appear as attractive as possible on occasions when he is not with you, but dress in a more casual way when you are together. This will make him think that you do not like his company, so he will make every effort to win you back once again.

Try to go to the gym in the best outfit you have and purchase new garments that will make you look hotter. This will not only make your guy jealous but you'll also feel more confident about yourself.

9. Make friends with a guy he hates

In spite of the fact that there might be a lack of interest about you on the part of your present boyfriend, he cannot deny the fact that he still has a soft corner for you in his mind. Thus, he is going to get jealous when he observes you having a nice time with the guy he dislikes. He will try every means to regain your passion for him.

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10. Try to ignore him

If you are feeling unappreciated by your sweetheart, do not make yourself available to him at all times. If you have given him your company whenever he wanted to go out with you, he may take you for granted and be thinking that you will always be available for him in any type of situation. Perhaps it is the reason why your partner is showing a lack of interest in you now. This will go on until you put an end to it and make him understand that you will not always be available for him.

Try not to reply to his phone call every time. Ask him to leave you a message so that you may call him back after a while. Also, do not agree to go out with him every time he asks. This will help him understand that you have other important things to do and cannot overlook your own duties in order to spend time with him. Do not try to explain why you are not able to give him company that night or why it took so much time for you to call him back.

You can make your guy jealous by leaving a bit of mystery, since he will believe that you no longer give him top priority.

11. Avoid his presence

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You might not be able to ignore him completely, since you might have some common buddies who are quite close to you, but you can still make him jealous by avoiding him on many occasions. Do not come in any physical contact with your boyfriend during this time. When hugging your friends while you are in a group, try to avoid him. Do not hold his hand or even kiss him when he meets you. Maintaining a certain physical distance can be something what makes guys jealous.

12. Try to act normal while talking to him

This particular tip on how to make him jealous is certainly worthwhile. While you might be longing for his affection, you should act in a normal way when interacting with him. Be cordial and friendly towards him when you meet him at a party or even if he texts you. This should evoke jealousy in your boyfriend by thinking that you are rather enjoying yourself with other people.

13. Speak about the man who asked you for a date

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It will be a great way to make your boyfriend long for you once more. When you speak to him regarding the guy that asked you for a date, he will come to comprehend the fact that you have lots of male friends who are ready to have an affair with you. This should hurt him emotionally and it is actually something that makes guys jealous.

14. Try to ignore him when you find him flirting with other girls

No woman in this world would want her man to flirt with other females in her presence. You have every right to become annoyed when you see this happen in your case too. However, simply shouting at him will not help you in any way. Rather, he will think that you are rude and have a mean attitude.

Instead, it would be much wiser to make him understand his mistakes. In this case, if you ignore him, he will think that you too are having a great time with your male friends. No guy would want his sweetheart to flirt with other men and therefore he will try his best to ensure that he is the only man you should be thinking about.

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15. Appreciate other guys

While you are in his company, try to sing the praises of other guys by smiling at them and appreciating their looks. Your boyfriend is going to hate this and it should pierce his heart like an arrow. Do not show any concern until he becomes completely crazy. By remaining cool and doing other activities, you can make your crush extremely jealous.

16. Using quotes to make him jealous

You will be able to trigger his imagination by saying only a few things, which can make him really envious. Most likely he is not behaving with you in the best manner, which has resulted in some problems in your relationship. Whatever the cause might be, read the quotes mentioned below which, if used, will aid in making your boyfriend jealous.

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  • "Saturday is going to be fun!"

Whether you go to a club or simply have a great time at your friend's place, this statement will certainly evoke jealousy in your boyfriend.

  • “I have plenty of important things on my mind.”

You will definitely catch him by surprise by using this particular quote to his face.

However, you should not miss the opportunity to use it on the phone, if you are unable to do so face to face.
  • “I’m free to go to parties with other people.”

Make him wonder who these other people might be.

  • “Slumber party, here I come!”

Spend your time in the best possible way and show your boyfriend that you’re having fun without him. The mere thought that you are enjoying yourself in his absence will surely drive him crazy.

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  • “Finally!”

In case the status of your relationship is somewhat strained, this particular word, with exclamation, will make him burn with jealousy. Although its meaning might not be clear to other individuals, your sweetheart will not find it difficult to guess its meaning.

Find some tips how to how to make your boyfriend jealous in this video:

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