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25+ Ways How to Know if a Shy Guy Likes You - Test These Signals

calendarApril 10, 2017

In this article, we will discuss some important guidelines on how to know if a shy guy likes you. Do you have a soft spot for a particular shy guy, but you're finding it extremely difficult to figure out whether or not he likes you? You might want to have a romantic affair with him but don’t want to waste your precious time in the event he is reluctant to do so.

Consequently, you should try to find out if the shy guy actually likes you, since you would not want to waste your opportunity and allow another girl to win his heart. But, the question might arise in your mind, "How do shy guys flirt?" Here are the top 25 tips on how to tell if a guy is interested in you.

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1. Observe the manner in which he moves when in your presence

We all know that shy guys are rather different in their behavior from most of the other men. In most cases, they do not have any intention to intimidate you or even harass you, and they prefer to keep their emotions to themselves. However, if you observe that he is moving his body excessively, it can indicate to you that he is passionate about you. Although a shy guy might feel rather uncomfortable in your presence, he is not going to express it outside.

It is imperative for you to be patient and give him adequate time, so that he can overcome his shyness gradually. The majority of the guys out there like to express their feelings in several ways, like kissing you or complimenting you, but this won't be the same in the case of shy men. Although it will be rather difficult to find out if a boy likes you, it is not impossible by any means.

2. Compare his behavior

Comparing his behavior with that of the other guys around him will be vital in understanding whether he has any feelings for you. If he seems to be behaving differently while you're around, it might imply that he is interested in you and is rather confused about how he should behave with you.

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3. He appears to be really uncomfortable

Although it might suggest that he does not have any affection for you, it is also possible that he's too nervous to be comfortable in your presence. While it is perfectly normal for a shy guy to behave awkwardly during the initial stages of your relationship, he should be able to interact with you properly over time.

4. He shares all secrets while conversing with you

Unlike the majority of guys, who would not likely share their secrets with their sweethearts at first, a guy who is shy will be rather happy to be frank with his girlfriend from the very beginning. He might seek some advice from you regarding something important, or he might also share some small secrets while conversing with you. His shy nature will not allow him to be candid with other individuals apart from you.

5. He asks your friends about you

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This might be because he is interested in you but is too scared to let you know. He might take the opportunity to ask your close friends about your activities and other things. This is because he is not able to figure out exactly how he should approach you, in spite of this curiosity. However, there is no need to be concerned and you can simply find some way to make him understand that you too are interested in him.

6. He won't speak with you face-to-face

Many shy guys do not like the idea of talking with their sweethearts in person. They feel most comfortable communicating through either texting or messaging. You can always expect a shy guy to express his feelings to you in this way, through social media platforms like Facebook. He might try to convey his personality by texting with you for a considerable period of time because he might find it more convenient to express his feelings that way.

You must learn to be patient and allow him to be comfortable, although it might consume some time. Try to understand why he is interested in chatting with you on the web for such a long duration.

7. He never asks you for a date

There is no element of doubt in your mind that he adores you, but you realize that he doesn’t want to do something which might repel you, such as asking you for a date. He gives a lot of value to his relationship with you and doesn’t want to ruin it. In this case, you might consider taking the initiative and asking him, which might do a world of good for both of you.

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8. He recalls every single detail of your romantic affair

It is natural for your shy boyfriend to recollect all the minute details that happened in the past. He might even surprise you by remembering your childhood pet name, as well as the first movie that you enjoyed together.

9. He is silent in your presence

You will be able to understand the affection he has for you by observing the way he behaves with his buddies in your presence. It is natural for any guy to behave abnormally or even become silent when he is with the girl he loves.

If he ceases to talk with his male buddies when you happen to pass by, it might indicate that he is interested in you.

He might find it rather hard to converse while being overcome with emotions. It might even not be surprising if he talks about something unnatural. He may not respond to you when you try to talk to him, but that does not imply that he is impolite; some shy guys just behave that way.

10. His treatment of you is different

It is quite natural for a shy guy to treat you in a different way than other girls. He might show great interest in driving you to your college or even helping you to prepare for an exam, just to win your affection.

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11. He might send inconsistent signals

You might be confused by his inconsistent behavior. While he might greet you cordially one particular morning, he may not even respond to you the next day. It might be due to his nervousness while he is with you, or he does not want to show his folly by conversing unwisely.

12. He will pay attention to whatever you say

He might be doing some important work, but you can always expect him to converse with you when you're around. He will turn off his mobile phone or any other gadget just to pay attention to your conversation, which is definitely more important to him.

13. He will be ready to help you

Apart from helping you when you are in trouble, he will inquire about your health. He will assist you in your daily activities, like doing your school projects or even opening the ketchup bottle in a restaurant. However, being a shy guy, he will be reluctant to help other individuals apart from you.

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14. He is curious about your activities

The shy guy may ask you regarding how you spent your holidays and he might even perform some activities where you are involved. You should not be surprised if you find him in your gym working out along with you the next day. Or maybe he might bring some CDs for you if he happens to know that you love listening to music.

15. Although he does not start a conversation, he stays with you

This is a common thing for all the shy guys and it probably won’t be different in your case either. An introverted guy might not talk to you, but he might hang around you everywhere you go.

This might indicate that he is unable to start a conversation because of his shyness and is expecting you to do that. Try conversing with him and see what happens.

16. He seems to be scared by your presence

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A shy guy will find it very hard to approach you or even flirt with you. You should understand that it is because of his shyness and try to observe his body language as well as behavior with other individuals.

17. He always appears to be jittery in your presence

Observe him discreetly when he is around you. If he shows signs of nervousness, such as biting his fingers or even stammering while conversing, it will indicate that he is indeed feeling nervous because of you. Understand that there is a reason behind this behavior which likely indicates that a quiet guy likes you.

18. Appears to be angry while you converse about other men

It is important to observe his reactions when you are mentioning other guys in front of him. Although there might not be any specific reason, your shy guy can find it irritating. His jealousy might be the cause of his arrogant behavior and will speak volumes about his passion for you. He would not care if you converse with other guys if he were only your friend.

19. He smiles at you often

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Given that he is a shy guy, he will not usually laugh in front of other people. However, don't be taken by surprise if you find your shy man smiling at you, which is a sure indication that a guy secretly likes you. He might find happiness and peace of mind in your company and he simply cannot avoid smiling at you.

20. He tries to behave decently with your girlfriends

Your shy man might try to develop friendship with your close associates, since this will give him opportunity to get closer to you. Although he might want to win your heart, he will find it more convenient to approach you through your friends. He might also provide you with certain hints, expecting that you will respond to them.

21. He refrains from eye contact with you

One of the significant signs a shy guy has a crush on you is that he will avoid eye contact. There might be several causes for this, one being that you might hypnotize him so that he confesses his emotions for you.

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22. He shows interest in the things you like

Under normal circumstances, no guy would want to perform anything that might endanger his life in some way or another. However, even a shy guy will not refrain from doing any job or activity, particularly if it is something of interest to his girlfriend. His main objective will be to win the attraction of the girl by just being nice, so that she will not hesitate to go out with him.

23. He converses with every other girl, except you

Although he does not have any problem talking to other women, he usually remains tongue-tied when you are around, being shy in nature, this is normal. Moreover, your shy guy may behave differently with you, which can be one of the signs a shy guy likes you.

24. He notices and praises any minor change in your look

He will complement you on any change in your appearance, such as a new handbag, a new haircut, a new lipstick shade or even a new pair of jeans. By doing so, he is trying to show you that he really cares for you. Of course, he may have wanted to compliment you even more than he is doing right now, but this should be enough for you to understand that he is thinking of you.

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25. He is extremely polite in his behavior toward you

One easy way to know whether or not your shy guy is genuinely interested in you will be his polite behavior. He will greet you cordially whenever you meet, talk to you in a very sober way and pay attention to anything that you tell him. He may even move away from you if you happen to touch him, not because he is rude but he is simply too shy to come into physical contact with you.

Find some tips about how to know if a shy guy likes you in this video:

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