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20+ Tips How to Attract Girls - Hook Up With Girl Of Your Dreams

calendarMay 30, 2017

It's nice to share your life with another person. Spending time with someone and getting to know them can be one of the most fulfilling experiences that one could have in one’s life. However, finding a girl that you find attractive and have a lot in common with can be hard. It's pretty rare to come across someone you feel a genuine connection towards. If finding her wasn't hard enough, getting her to be attracted to you is even harder. So, let's discuss how to attract girls.

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1. Be Funny

Laughter is something that every person enjoys. It livens up one's day and makes it a great deal better. Funny jokes and witty comments are some of the best ways to break the ice. By making her laugh, you can make the woman you desire feel more comfortable and ready to accept your advances.

There are several ways to be funny:

  • Share funny anecdotes: Telling a relevant story that has a funny ending is a great way to tell her about your life and may lead to her developing a keen interest in it.
  • Tell jokes: Who doesn't like a great a great joke? Funny jokes are something even the most attractive women are prepared to pause and listen to.
  • Be witty: Granted, this may be more difficult for someone who aren't very witty by nature, but wit is a great way to get the point across that you're a smart and creative person who can think outside the box.

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2. Write Poems

Poems have an undeniably romantic quality associated with them. Writing a poem for a girl is an excellent way of communicating your feelings for her. Poetry is an excellent medium to convey romantic gestures and thoughts.

Poems are more than just the sum of their words. They can communicate a lot more through the sound of the words and the overall rhythm and style of the poem. They are quite versatile as a result. You can vary them in whatever way you like to convey exactly what you want. As the famous quote goes, "Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry."

3. A Cheerful Smile

Smiling is a human gesture that's associated with happiness and compassion. It's one of the most pivotal aspects of non-verbal communication.

By smiling, you can convey many feelings without talking. If you've ever thought about how to seem more attractive to the girl of your dreams, then this is the best place to start. The best thing about smiling is that it's easy. All you have to do is think about smiling and you're set. By giving out smiles freely and often, it's likely that your crush will notice. She'll get the impression that you're a cheerful guy who'd be fun to hang out with.

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4. Gift Chocolates

Women's love for chocolate is only second to that for diamonds. While diamonds are way too expensive to buy for anyone but a potential life partner, chocolates are a viable and equally loved alternative that are great to give for love. The effect that chocolate has on women's psychology is well documented and has been extensively researched. It's always been concluded that chocolate makes women physically happy. The aphrodisiac effects of chocolate can't be ignored either.

Those of you who've ever pondered over how to seduce any woman and didn't know what to do should try gifting chocolate, as it could be the perfect way. If you're lucky, it could set you up for kiss.

5. Wear Cologne

The rigors of daily labor and a long commute are sure to produce perspiration, even in people who have no propensity for producing sweat. The problem is amplified when one has to travel by public transport, since that's even more physically exhausting. All that sweat is sure to produce a stench which any person, man or woman, would find unappealing. Spraying on some cologne is a great way to get over this issue. Nothing's sexier than a man who smells masculine and powerful.

Cologne enhances your natural scent, making it better. Smelling sexy could even attract a girl who ignores you.

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6. Sing A Song

It's safe to say that pretty much everyone loves music. It's a cultural phenomenon that all humans enjoy. Where people differ, is in their taste in music. If you plan on singing a song to attract a girl, go through the trouble of finding out what she likes and what her favorite songs are. Using that information, you can pick out a song that's beautiful and holds a lot of meaning for her.

Keep practicing it till you can sing at a level which you feel sounds good enough. Remember, the emphasis isn't on your ability to sing, but rather the effort that you put in to sing for her. As Ed Sheeran once said, "All that you are is all that I'll ever need."

Here are some tips to sing better:

  • Choose an easy song.
  • Unless you know how to play an instrument, make sure the song focuses more on vocals.
  • Practice everyday.

7. Start Going To The Gym

When it comes to what attracts women, nothing's more persuasive than a muscular and strong body.

While girls factor in and evaluate the romantic suitability of a guy based on a number of factors, such as his intelligence, looks, wit and other facets of his personality, nothing holds more power to attract than an objectively hot body. The only way to obtain a fit and athletic body is to visit the gym regularly. Working out is a tried and proven way of improving the physical appeal of your body. As such, stay motivated and keep at it until you can create attraction simply through your body.

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8. Buy New Clothes

Most men have no impetus to change up their wardrobes and get new clothes. Clothes are often an afterthought. However, they play an important part in your overall appearance. It's an undeniable fact that people judge each other on the basis of the quality and style of the clothing they wear. This is even truer in the case of women. Your clothes may give the girl you wish to attract a wrong impression about you and your personality.

Good clothes that are made well, fit well and look good have the effect of attracting women by showing them that you're a confident and serious person.

9. Change Your Hairstyle

How you wear your hair can have a huge impact on your looks. It can be the difference between looking like an average guy or a handsome stud. Girls are attracted to guys who aren't afraid to get creative with their hairstyles. They like guys who can express themselves through their own personal style. The challenge of how to be attractive to girls can be fixed with a quick visit to the barber. Something modern and trendy that's worn by celebrities is sure to catch a girl’s interest.

10. Ride A Bike

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Almost all women are attracted to rugged, manly men. The stereotype of a boorish bad boy exists because it's true. Women can't resist a man who doesn't play by the rules. One of the ultimate bad boy symbols is riding a bike. Nothing is more sexually appealing than a guy cruising on a Harley, wearing a black leather jacket. It's an image that women can't get out of their heads after seeing it.

Since riding a bike is pretty easy, you should have no trouble implementing riding as part of your lifestyle. When choosing a bike, make sure there's enough space for a female companion to ride comfortably behind you.

11. Paint Her Portrait

You must be wondering about what are girls attracted to? It's actually really simple. Women always find guys that are creative more interesting and captivating. They find artistic displays enticing and romantic. Don't believe me? Just think about Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Titanic. Girls have a clear preference for men who view the world differently and show their personal perspective through artistic mediums like drawing or painting.

There's no better way to show your artistic side to a girl you like than by drawing or painting a portrait of her. If you do it and hold it up to professional standards, she'll be very impressed with you. The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words," comes to mind.

12. Grow A Beard

It's already been mentioned that women prefer rugged and strong men. They like the stereotypical trope of the masculine man.

This is actually common knowledge. Despite knowing this fact, there's one connection you may have neglected to make. That connection is of facial hair to masculinity. While beards were frowned upon as being unfashionable and unhygienic in the vintage era, they're a much sought after look in the modern world. Beards have the ability to transform the entire character and personality of a person's face and affect his overall look.

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13. Become Popular

Women generally prefer men who have a lot of social clout and presence. They feel safe and secure in the care of a person of stature who is regarded well in society. Women have evolved to feel attracted to men that can take care of them and their future children's needs. There's also the desire for power that drives some women to nurture a keen interest in powerful men.

How do you get more social presence?

  • Become a member of a club.
  • Attend social gatherings regularly.
  • Make powerful friends and take good care of them.
  • Host parties and events at your place.

14. Learn To Become More Sociable

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Interacting with fellow humans and effectively communicating with them is an art that few have mastered. Those who have, reap the benefits in every sphere of life. Given its importance, people can't afford to neglect it.

It's especially important in the realm of dating and maintaining romantic relations. If you like a girl, you'll want to learn the proper ways of talking to her and flirting with her so that you can build attraction. This will involve learning techniques that require you to communicate with body language, as well as by chatting.

15. Stay Well Groomed

Grooming is an essential part of maintaining your body. Just like going to the gym and buying clothes that compliment your figure, grooming is required to present your body in the best light. Grooming goes hand in hand with hygiene. Hygiene is of foremost importance when trying to attract women, since any sort of disgusting behavior can gross a girl out. Besides, being well groomed is likely to make you feel fresher, which should allow you to be at the top of your game.

16. Help Her With Her Studies

If you've thought about how to attract women, you must've given some thought to the importance of appearing smart and knowledgeable. This is really hard to do in daily life. It's hard to show vast knowledge, since it isn't relevant most of the time.

An excellent strategy you can implement is to help her out with her studies. Students in school or college who share their classes with their crush should find this method especially useful. You'll come across as someone who's helpful, while being able to give the impression that you're academically capable at the same time.

17. Talk To Her

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It's no secret that spending time together builds rapport and trust. There can be no replacement for the experience of sharing thoughts, perspectives and emotions. Showing your crush your true self is likely to make her more interested in you. At the same time, you'll get to know more about her and what she likes. This way you can understand her better and learn how to appear more attractive to her.

Being emotionally naked with someone is a surefire way to build a strong bond with them that could materialize into romantic love.

18. Be Confident

Confidence is sexy. The trick to being confident is to know what you want and be certain in your ability to get it. Being confident conveys that you're a focused and ambitious person that isn't afraid to work for what he wants. Women see a confident man as a person who won't bend over, figuratively speaking, to their every whim. They see him more worthy of respect and a challenge to impress. The media's representation of a confident man as sexy and powerful has also helped in making this quality desirable.

19. Give Her A Personal Gift

It's often hard to convey to a person how much you think about them and how you feel about them. A woman loves it when a man remembers the details and events of her life as well as she does. It shows her that the man is thoughtful and cares about her deeply. However, at the same time, you can't directly tell her what you know about her.

The best way to indirectly communicate to your girl that you know what she wants and what her desires are is by giving her a personal gift that is relevant and special to her. It's best if you can find something that relates to a common happy memory that you've shared in the past.

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20. Cook For Her

Cooking is stereotypically thought of as a job women are meant to do. That's why when men do it, women find it refreshing and different.

Cooking something is a great way to show a girl that you care enough about her to go to the trouble of making something for her with your own hands. It can make a girl attracted to you pretty easily. She'll also realize that you're a person who doesn't conform to gender roles and isn't afraid to break molds to show his love. This method is an excellent answer to the question of how to get any girl to like you.

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Following these tips diligently, should make you more appealing towards women, in general, and the girl you like, in particular.

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