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35+ Good Questions to Ask a Guy - Great Flirting Technique

calendarMay 30, 2017

So you’re excited about spending some time with the guy you’ve been eyeing, but don’t know where to start. There’re a lot good questions to ask a guy but don’t know where to start. The following are some simple questions that you could use to break the ice as you get to know him. Some are general, while others dig a little bit deeper into his personal life and let you know what kind of person he is.

1. What makes you smile?

This kind of question will not only communicate that you want to know what things make him smile, but that you are genuinely interested in his happiness. This shows that you are thinking about more than just short-term with him.

2. If there is one place in the world you would want to go to, where is it and why?

This question will help you identify the kind of things you have in common. Maybe he dreams about the same place as you do. Once he tells you, then you could ask another question as to what it is about that place he likes.

3. What sport do you like to play?

Unless he is the indoors nerdy type, he will enjoy talking about sports. He may even like the fact that you are the type of girl that doesn’t mind talking about sports. If you were nervous about what to talk about, just ask about sports and you will have him going and going.

4. What is your favorite movie?

This question will help determine whether you both share the same interests in the types of movies you watch. From there you could even talk about really favorite characters and scenes and what it is about those particular movies that you love.

Random questions to ask

5. On a first anniversary as a couple, how would you like to celebrate it?

This question will let him know that you are thinking of him being more than just a friend. Also, it can help you gauge how romantic and creative he is

6. What would you say your family is like?

He’ll most likely appreciate the fact that you are making an effort to get to know the people he holds dear the most.

7. Is there any movie that has made you cry before?

Most men would quickly answer no, but if he is one of the rare ones that admits to having an emotional side, then it would be a sweet thing for him to have a sensitive spot.

8. What is it about yourself that you love the most?

One of a guy’s biggest traits is his pride, whether it is in his looks, his intelligence or personality. Allowing him to open up to you about what he cares about the most will show you what he values. You’ll also be telling him that you want to know what he takes pride in.

9. What is your favorite car?

After sports, cars are another topic that guys love. If you find yourself struggling to come up with something to talk about, simply ask him what his favorite car is. He is likely to go on and on about what he loves about cars. You may not understand half of the conversation but you will get to know what kind of cars he’s into.

Questions to ask a guy you like

10. What is your favorite food?

This is a handy tip to know in case you guys ever move round to him coming to your house for dinner. At the very least, you can avoid serving him food that he is allergic to.

11. What is the first thing you notice about a girl?

This good question to ask a guy will give you great insight into what it is he values most. Is it personality, looks, or intelligence?

12. What is your idea of an ideal date?

This question will help you see whether you and he speak the same language romantically. You may want to reconsider if his idea of a romantic day is spending the day indoors playing video games. You do have a shot however if his answer gravitates more towards a picnic, dinner or movie.

13. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Aside from the hilarity of whatever this thing may be, it will also give you an idea of whether or not the guy you like has boundaries. It will also give you a glimpse of his craziness and you can make the choice of whether you can handle it, match it, or not.

14. What is the one thing that you are scared of the most?

This will give you an idea of what his fears are. Also, ask him to expound on the scariest moment of his life.

15. Describe your first crush

This is a cute question to ask as it may have him blushing, but it would be still interesting to know all the same.

16. Who is your biggest role model or hero?

This gives you an idea of the type of person he would like to become. Thumbs up if he mentions people like Michael Jordan, Walt Disney and the like. Alarm bells should be going off in your head if his role model is Shaggy from Scooby Doo, or worse yet, Freddy Krueger.

17. Would you want to spend more time with me?

In case your crush hasn’t gotten the hint that you are into him, you can help speed things along by steering him in the right direction. If he answers no, then you can move on without having invested too much of your heart in it. And if he says yes, then, congratulations!

After this question, if your crush didn’t know that you were into him, he does now.

18. Would you cuddle with me?

Cuddling should be considered as one of the top girl pastimes. Asking your crush this question lets you know whether you have scored big or not. If he says no, you may have to determine whether or not that is a deal-breaker.

What to talk about with a guy

19. How would you define intimacy

This good questions to ask a guy you like will help you measure his level of intimacy and whether or not you are on the same page.

20. What do you like to do during your free time?

This is a great question to ask because it will give you the chance to learn whether or not you guys actually have some things in common. It will also allow you to learn about what he is truly passionate about.

21. Do you love to eat out? And if so where?

It will be a great match if you both realize that you both enjoy eating out. Asking him what his favorite restaurant is will let you know what kind of cuisine he is into. It would be a nice surprise if you both loved the same foods. Also, if he has a fancy restaurant in mind then you already have a venue for your romantic dating.

22. If you came across a large sum of money, what would you do?

Pay careful attention to how he answers this question. This is because it will show you what his financial priorities are. Your guy is on the right track if he tells you he wants to invest his money or start a business. A major red flag would be if his first priority is to buy the latest clothes and upgrade his mobile phone to the newest on the market. That simply shows that he’s got misplaced priorities. Also, be on the lookout to hear whether he would spend all his money at once, or whether he would be a little bit more cautious.

23. What was your most embarrassing look?

We all have that one look that we try to forget about. For him, maybe it was wearing braces or having to rock a haircut that he hated. Whichever the case, the both of you are sure to get some good laughs out of it. Laughing with him at his embarrassing moments will help him become more comfortable around you. This is important if you are looking to date him!

24. It’s cold and raining outside, how would you spend the day?

It is more than likely that if you two end up together, there will be days when the weather just won’t cooperate. Asking him this question will help you determine how creative he can be at entertaining himself. You’re lucky if his idea of spending the day indoors is similar to yours.

25. Do you enjoy video games?

Playing video games is not wrong, but you want to be sure not to end up with a guy who will treat you as second best to his beloved games. Also, if he is constantly glued to the screen when will you ever time to spend together? You are in the clear if your crush mentions that he enjoys games occasionally. Start worrying if he never leaves the house courtesy of a video game.

Good questions to ask a guy in the question game

26. Are you religious?

This is an important question to ask to make sure that your religions do not clash. It will be easier to date someone who has follows the same doctrines and teachings as you do. What if he is an atheist and you are a Christian? How will you handle such a situation? This is why it is important for you to have this piece of information.

27. Are you superstitious?

Does he believe in the whole “if a black cat crosses your path then you will have bad luck”? If he does, then the two of you can have some fun trying to spook each other out with the creepiest superstitions.

28. What is your favorite time of the year?

This question serves to get to know him better. The two of you can have a great time sharing the times of the year that you both enjoy. You may be surprised to learn that you have even more things in common.

29. Do you have a bucket list and what are some of the things on it?

Perhaps you will find that you both share similar things that you would like to do. Better yet, you could even decide to do those things together. This question will also help you understand him more. You may find that it is not by some random coincidence that you ended up liking this guy in particular.

30. What makes you anxious or nervous?

One of the best ways you can get to know someone on a deep level is by learning what makes them both comfortable and uncomfortable. It would be of no use knowing what setting they thrive in if you will unknowingly make them uncomfortable in different situations. Once you know that something makes your crush nervous, then you can help him work on it to overcome, or if not, you can avoid it.

31. Describe your first kiss?

Some may think that this question is too sexually forward, but if you are serious about the guy, then there are some things you would want to know. Some guys will describe their first kiss as cute, awkward, embarrassing, or forgetful.

32. What kind of music do you enjoy?

This is another question that will help determine whether you share tastes in music. If you do end up with the guy, you want to avoid situations where you are arguing over the kind of music playing over the car radio.

33. Do you dance?

This question is relative as some may consider swaying to the music as dancing. But if dance is your passion then it would be great if you could find a guy who matched that passion. Also, hopefully, several of your dates may include some dancing. You want to ensure that your crush does not crush your toes on the dance floor. If your crush has been blessed with two left feet you already have an excuse to spend more time with him by teaching him how to dance.

Good questions to ask

34. Who is your celebrity crush?

We can all admit to having that one celebrity that we go completely goo-goo eyed for. Judging by his reaction, you may be able to identify the kind of women is he interested in.

35. What career path would you like to take?

If you envision yourself being in a relationship with your crush, you need to find common ground on what you both want to pursue. It would be pointless to pursue a romance if both of you will barely have time for each other because of the career paths you’re on. Your crush should compliment you in a number of ways, including your choice of career.

These are just a few of the questions you can ask your crush. If you have the guts to, and suspect that the crash may be mutual, you may take this a notch further by asking dirty or flirty questions, or even questions about sex too.

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