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115+ Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend - Keep Fancying Each Other

calendarMarch 15, 2017

Your relationship is like a fire, if you want to keep that fire burning then you need to keep on adding fuel to that fire. Keeps the fire blazing in your relationship by doing fun things with your partner. Below is a list of over 115 fun things to do with your girlfriend. Check them out!

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1. Go on a picnic

If you are searching for some cute things to do with your girlfriend then this is definitely one of them. A picnic can be very relaxing and fun.

2. Take turns giving massage

If you do not know how to give a good massage then google it and you will find all the information that you need.

3. Proclaim a lazy day

A lazy day is a day that you relax. Do not do any form of work, just relax and have fun if you want to.

4. Watch a movie together

This is a very sweet thing to do with your girlfriend. Pick a genre that you both like and then choose a movie from that genre.

5. Take her on a photo shoot

A photoshoot sounds really cool! If you are searching for cool things to do with your girlfriend, then you have one right here.

6. Play the questions and answer game

Sometimes you may want fun games to play with your girlfriend. The question and answer game is one of them. Be creative with your questions.

7. Go out on a dinner date

It doesn’t have to be a formal dinner date. Just wear whatever you want to wear and eat at any place that you like!

8. Eat and critique foods

If you are looking for a little adventure then try this one. Eat the same meal at different restaurants then say which one is the best. Make sure that it is something that is light on the stomach.

9. Critique wine or beers

Buy different flavors of wine or beers then critique them. This should be fun if you both are lovers of beers.

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10. Food tasting

Be creative with this one.

11. Plan surprise dates for each other

Take turns planning each other’s date. You can have her plan your ideal date first and on the next date, you can plan her ideal date. Both of you should think about your partner's favorite food, place, and activities while you are planning this date.

12. Compete in a burger contest

See who makes the best burger. You can let someone else be the judge of that.

13. Pick Berries or apples together

This may sound very simple but it is a fun thing to do with your girlfriend. Try this activity today.

14. Visit the botanical garden for a tour

How romantic is this? Relax, walk around, look at the flowers and talk to each other. This should be fun.

15. Visit the zoo together

I love going to the zoo and she will love it too. The reality is that there is a lot of things that you can do at the zoo. So try it. You will have fun.

16. Go ice skating together

Classic and romantic. If you are good at skating then you’ve got this covered!

17. Have a games night

I love games night. And it should be fun with the two of you. You will get to know each other better too.

18. Go to an outdoor movie

Drive in movies are the best!

19. See an African movie

I know that you may be used to a specific genre of movie but try something new today. And if you are used to watching African movies then try another genre.

20. Tour the museum or the art gallery in your area

Wow, I like this idea. It is very romantic, should be very interesting too.

21. Gaze at the stars together

This can be extremely romantic, I hope the stars are out today because I really want you to try it.

22. Take a trip to the beach for the weekend

I love the beach. And this is a very romantic way to spend time with your girlfriend.

23. Go to the park

Going to the park can be very relaxing and fun.

24. Go on an adventurous date

If you love adventure then this is the date for you!

25. Go to the water park

I heard that water parks are only open for a few months in some countries so visit it when it is open.

26. Go on a candy tasting adventure

Sweet! For all the candy lovers. I am going to add this to my list of creative things to do with my partner.

27. Play video games together

This is by far one of the most fun things to do with your girlfriend at home. And she will love you for this!

28. Carve a pumpkin together

This should be fun. I love it!

29. Make dinner together

Who wants to have fun with their partner in the kitchen? Take a look at this one!

30. Ride horses together

If you live in a city where there are carriages that are drawn by horses then take her for a horse ride. It should be fun to tour your city while you are on a horse or a carriage.

31. Have a pillow fight

This is always fun and romantic. Just make sure that you are gentle with her.

32. Go Grocery shopping together

Grocery shopping can be fun with her. Remember to get your favorite treats. You can eat them together later.

33. Make special dinner at home

Make dinner together at home then set up a romantic candlelit scenery.

34. Clean the house together

This may sound like too much work but it can be fun once you find ways to make it fun. Set a goal, say that you want to complete the task in a specific time then get cracking!

35. Wash the car together

Why go to the car wash when you can wash the car yourself and have fun while you are doing it? This is a cool thing to do with your girlfriend, I promise you will love it.

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36. Plant flowers together

I like this. Gardening can be very fun and relaxing.

37. Bake treats together

I love baking! And I love eating what I bake even more. Bake delicious desserts then feed each other with it. That should be romantic and fun.

38. Role play

Take on the characters of different roles and act accordingly. Have fun!

39. Play board games together

If you both like board games then try them today.

40. Work out together

Working out with your partner can be extremely fun. I rest my case!

41. Talk about your future together

Share your relationship goals. You will see that this can be very beneficial to you and your relationship.

42. Volunteer at a shelter

I love this! Another thing to add to my bucket list of things to do with my partner. Volunteering is a great thing to do, it benefits us and it benefits others.

43. Enroll in classes as a couple

There are many classes that you can enroll yourself in. Think about what you want to learn about then go from there.

44. Choose a pet together

Very cool! It should be fun.

45. Go hiking

You will be exercising and you will be getting fresh air. Nice!

46. Tour your own city

Tour your own city. Go to different places, eat different foods and buy clothes. Have fun!

47. Go to a music festival

Find out about the upcoming music festivals in your area and make plans to attend these events. It should be fun.

48. Pick out some of your bucket list items and do them as a couple

Good idea! This gets the task done in a faster time.

49. Fly kites together

If the day is sunny and windy then it’s perfect for you to fly your kite in the park. It should be fun.

50. Go shopping together

I know that many of you guys out there don’t like to go shopping with your girl. But if you want to make her really happy then do this with her. Be patient too, watch her as she tries different outfits and give her suggestions about what she should choose. Do this and you will be the world’s greatest boyfriend in her eyes.

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51. Kiss each other for 30 seconds

Awww, this is so romantic and sweet!

52. Visit the beach or a pool and sunbathe beside each other

This is nice things to do with your girlfriend.

53. Visit the pond and feed the ducks

This is a super cool thing to do with your girlfriend. Both of you will absolutely love it.

54. Start a YouTube channel

Many couples make a lot of money as they make videos and upload it on YouTube. They also have loads of fun together while they are making money. If you want to be a YouTuber then think about what you want your channel to be about, then, start from there.

55. Have a picnic together

On a nice sunny day, spread out a blanket in the park and have a nice picnic. Talk, laugh, eat and drink. Just relax.

56. Make a scrapbook together

You can create a scrapbook that documents the progress of your relationship.

57. Give her a piggy back ride in a public place.

Cute, fun and romantic. I love this!

58. Take funny pictures together in a photo booth

This is cool! Try this on your next date.

59. Write a book together

If you both love to write then you will have fun with this one.

60. Plan your dream vacation together

Maybe you can’t afford to go on the vacation of your dreams right now but you can plan it right now. You will have fun doing so.

61. Visit an amusement park

Sound super exciting! I know that you will enjoy this one.

62. Go clubbing

Party all day or all night together. You will thank me later!

63. Get lost in a cornfield maze

Play hide and seek in a cornfield. Just the two of you. You will love it.

64. Go sailing

If you are able to sail then go sailing together. You will have fun.

65. Go to a pool party

If you have been to a pool party before then I need not say anything else.

66. Camp out together

Camping out together as a couple can be really fun. Try it out.

67. Go ice skating

Definitely a cool and fun idea.

68. Try skydiving together

Not many persons are up for this one but if you are not a scary cat then think about skydiving together.

69. Challenge each other to see who can make the best cake

Cake bake-off sounds like too much fun. This is one of the best challenge ideas for fun. Challenge her today!

70. Visit the market together

Nice idea. Visiting the market sound cool to me.

71. Make a visit to the candy factory and make your own candy.

Too sweet for anything else to beat. This is the best date idea ever!

72. Go to a concert together

Sounds like fun. You will enjoy it.

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fun things to do on the weekend with your girlfriendSource

73. Visit the cinema

Great idea!

74. Go to acting class together

Try something new. Go to acting class together.

75. Go to the gym together

Exercising with your partner can be really fun! I promise that you won’t regret trying this one.

76. Have a dance off

If you are looking for fun things to do when you are bored then have a dance off with her.

77. Have a rap face-off

Sounds fun.

78. Have a poetry face off

If you love poetry then this one should be fun.

79. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

I love this! She will love it too.

80. Watch the sunset as it goes down

If you are having an evening out with your girlfriend then don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunset.

81. Book a room at a hotel and take the time to enjoy the view and the hot tub

Sounds like a very nice plan!

82. Take her out of town for a few days.

Excellent idea!

83. Write a song for each other

Be creative! Try some of these creative things.

84. Make love in an unusual location.

Try some spontaneous things with your girlfriend. You can start with this one.

85. Make love to each other while you are blindfolded

Another spontaneous thing to do with your girlfriend.

86. Try new sex positions.

If you are searching for fun sexual things to do with your girlfriend then this is one of them.

87. Go fishing

I have a list of cool things to do with my partner and this is definitely on the list.

88. Go through old photos

Going through old photos can be really fun.

89. Go through your yearbook

I love doing this with my partner. You will too.

90. Talk about your first date

Your girl will love this!

91. Paint a room together

Painting can be a very cool thing to do.

92. Write a story about each other and read it

This one is for all the story lovers.

93. Try to draw a picture of each other

Now this is how to have fun! You will enjoy this!

94. Do yoga together

I have done this before and I enjoyed doing it with my partner.

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95. Take relationship test online

Try this one today!

96. Watch blogs or videos on YouTube all day and night.

Find fun videos on YouTube and watch them all day or night. You will have loads of fun.

97. Cut each other’s hair

Sounds really fun.

98. Talk about your future together

This is always a fun thing to do.

99. Tell each other how much you love each other.

Aww, so sweet!

100. Talk all night to each other

You will enjoy this.

101. Complete a puzzle together

Try this! Some persons enjoy it, others don’t.

102. Take pictures of each other

You will have these pictures to look at later. Just remember to save them.

103. Have a karaoke party just for two

Looking for ideas for fun? You have one right here.

104. Have an ice-cream date night

Ice-cream date is the best date ever!

105. Take time to teach each other something

This sounds really good. Excellent idea!

106. Make a new meal recipe together.

I really like the sound of this one!

107. Play in the snow or in the rain

This should be at the top of the list of fun things to do on the weekend with your girlfriend.

108. Have a paint fight with each other

If you have no problem getting messy with her then try paint fights.

109. Have a long walk on the beach in the night

Sounds relaxing!

110. Play outdoor games like football together

Don’t be too hard on her when you play these games with her.

111. Play a water balloon war

This one should be fun.

112. Try new dishes together


113. Make smoothies together

This should be very interesting.

114. Have a hot bath together

Awww, very romantic! Sounds like a very good idea.

115. Cuddle and sleep together

I love this, it is very nice to cuddle and sleep with your partner.

116. Cuddle nude together

This is a fun sexual thing to do with your partner.

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117. Go for coffee walks

Take a stroll with your coffee and your partner, who needs more than that anyway? It should be fun.

Have fun in your relationship, it will help it to get stronger and last longer. I hope that you will find this list of fun things to do with your girlfriend very interesting and I trust that you will try some of these fun ideas. Love, peace, blessings.

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