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10+ Ways to Restore Feminine Energy - It Is the Most Powerful Thing in the World

calendarApril 03, 2017

Have you ever had the feeling of devastation, the absence of a desire to talk to anyone and the need to stay in your bed with some chocolates for several days without going outside? If you answered “yes”, you are not alone. Every woman has had such emotions at least once in her life. But what is the difference between the women who seldom have such periods and the women who have experienced them several times in their lives?

Maybe such women have boyfriends who really appreciate them or material welfare, maybe they have achieved great success in their careers and for these reasons they do not have such feelings? The answer is NO. There are a lot of examples of women who possess all these things, but their eyes are not burning with passion and they always feel tired.

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The opposite example is such women who do not have all these pleasant things, but they are in love with life and have an endless source of happiness inside of them.

We are here to reveal all the secrets of this phenomenon and to make our lives happier. We all strive to have happiness in this world; it is a clear appetency. But, it is necessary to know that your happiness depends on you. You are the master of your destiny and the quality of your life depends on the feminine energy level you have. Feminine energy is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Every woman possesses this powerful weapon and should know how to handle it in a proper way, in order to gain benefits and have a favorable impact on everyone. Our society demands the same of both men and women as there is a tendency nowadays to make us equal and give us the same responsibilities. We women cope with the responsibility very well, but at the end of the tasks, we feel burned out. This happens because of the improper energy balance inside of us.

If you were born in the female body, it means that you have 80% feminine energy and 20% masculine energy. When our aims are to earn more money, compete with anyone (especially with men), argue and be the first in everything, to the detriment of common sense, we produce masculine energy in ourselves.

We achieve our goals and are satisfied and proud of ourselves, but we do not feel happiness in the end. Because after such achievements, our feminine energy level decreases to about 10% from 80%, and we start looking for something that can fill the gap inside of us.If we had a list of activities in order to boost our feminine energy it would be easier, but we don’t. So, the easiest thing is to be under the covers with a bar of chocolate, watching romantic movies.

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The divine feminine energy level is a very important issue, as it is a guarantee of a high-quality life. Your energy is the main ‘trigger’ to attract a proper man, to be a beautiful and fascinating woman and to provide your family with an endless source of happiness.

Before we go deep into the depths of this issue, the following statement should become your personal slogan for life: “I MUST CARE OF MYSELF.” Starting with this way of thinking, you open the doors to a new divine world for yourself and the people closest to you. If you want to help others, you should first help yourself. You cannot pour from an empty glass, it must initially be filled with something.

Happiness - is the temperamental attribute.
Some people always wait for it,
some people always look for it
and there are people, who always find it.
- Elchin Safarli

What is feminine energy?

Men and women are very different, not only in their appearance or way of thinking but even in their energy. Male energy is static. All men should have a high level of male energy in order to be alive and to counter the everyday threats and challenges of the world. They can gain energy from their hobbies and extreme sports or competitions, but the main inflow of energy they get is from their women. Some men characterize it with the word ‘inspiration’, but the basis for everything in this world is a feminine energy.

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So, what is the difference between masculine and feminine energy, and why is female energy so valuable to everyone? Feminine energy is dynamic. It is creative and more flexible. We can compare a man with the Sun and a woman with the Moon. They are totally different and we have different ways to gain this energy. When you come home after a busy and stressful day at work, do you have any desire to share your energy with your family? Probably not, because you do not have it.

Now, try to remember the atmosphere at home in these moments… Your family members are your mirrors and when you have happiness inside of you, everyone else is happy too because you are generously sharing your energy with everyone and transforming the atmosphere in your house. As we mentioned before, our feminine power is the strongest weapon in the world. You can do harm with it or make somebody the happiest person in the world, it is all up to you.

How to increase femininity?

Now that you’ve decided to take responsibility for your life and treat yourself with a respect, what are the first steps? You have already had some experience in your life and you can easily define what things make you happy and inspired and what things make you burned out. In order to define things clearly, you should develop a conscious attitude about your life. During the week, you should keep notes about your mood state and events in your life, in order to understand yourself better.

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We provide you with a list of the common reasons for losing and gaining energy, but you know yourself much better than anyone else does. Every woman is remarkable and has different energies inside of her. Below we provide you with a crib sheet for beginning the journey of knowing yourself.

We lose energy in the following situations:

  • We are afraid of something (the strongest vampire of energy).
  • When we want to cry, we smile in order not to ‘lose face’.
  • People around us talk about negative things and drawbacks.
  • We gossip about our surroundings.
  • Some people are not interesting to us, but we continue to communicate with them for some reason.
  • We spend time on boring and heavy work.
  • When we talk about policy, tariffs, traffic jams, etc.
  • We feel aggrieved in spite of asking for something that we really need.
  • We persuade ourselves to tolerate some things without clear understanding of why we should tolerate them.
  • We wait for somebody (Santa Claus, Prince or Wizard) who will change our lives completely.
  • We do not accept ourselves because of our drawbacks.

We gain energy in the following situations:

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  1. We overcome our fears.
  2. We are involved in something that we really love.
  3. We get acquainted with new and interesting people
  4. We obtain new knowledge and create something.
  5. We take care of our bodies and appearance.
  6. We travel and open up new horizons.
  7. When we want to answer NO, we answer NO; and if we want to say YES, we say YES.
  8. We tidy our physical space.
  9. We absolve our emotional space (try to remember your feelings when you were able to forgive someone).
  10. We talk to people who support us and believe in our skills and abilities.
  11. We listen to our hearts.

Our feminine nature is our gift from Heaven. It is soft, lovely and compassionate; it is a synonym for the unconditional love inside of us. We are created to share everything, we are created for relationships and we give life. Nowadays, we have a lot of the rights and opportunities that men have, and it is a good thing, if you use the opportunities correctly. The issue is that if you were born in a female body, you should follow your nature and your femae ways.

If you try to follow the man’s way, you will face a lot of difficulties. But the good news is that you can achieve much more by following your genuine nature. Using the above mentioned simple tips, you will feel much happier and more energy-filled.

How to make your body more feminine?

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It is necessary to add something about the magical law of reversed effort. What are you doing when you are in a good mood and a proper state of mind? You are smiling! So, when you are in a bad mood, go to the mirror and try to smile for several seconds, then the magic will come. You will feel happier and your mood will be better.

We can use the same magic, when we are talking about femininity and female energy. You can use everything that differentiates women from men. Nowadays, there is a wide range of clothes and we have a lot of opportunities to be beautiful and charming.

When we wear dresses or skirts, our energy level increases and we obtain more benefits from life! It sounds very simple, but even such simple steps bring us closer to femininity and happiness.

Our fashion and wellness industry offer endless possibilities for creativity. When you accept yourself with all your advantages and peculiarities, you can easily create your own style, life vision and, in general, your world. According to some head counts, 80 % of women are not satisfied with their appearance and body.

The market provides us with many ‘magic’ products to make us ideal, but we should not forget that perfection is a relative concept. If someone tells you that you are not beautiful or smart enough, you should remember that you are ENOUGH. You deserve to be happy and to be in love with yourself and this world. There is no selfishness in living life this way because if you treat yourself with love and kindness, you will treat others in the same way too.

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Men want to achieve their goals with impetuosity and a ‘full-court-press’, which corresponds to their nature. Women can achieve their goals differently, moving stage-by-stage and listening to their hearts. Our hearts and souls know what is proper for us and what is false, at what time we need to move further and when we need to have a ‘tea break’.

It is clear that we should have a true-to-life vision and there are no limits to perfection and to improving and developing ourselves. The first step is unconditional self-acceptance. If you need to be on a diet or to achieve any results, you should follow three notions: constancy, graduality and consistency. These concepts correspond to the female nature, because one of our main benefits is our gentle nature.

How to balance the energies inside of me?

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We mentioned before that every woman possesses 80% feminine energy and 20% masculine energy. We also defined some characteristics of both energies and everything seems to be clear. But the important issue is how to balance these polar-opposite energies inside of us?

This issue is extremely critical, especially if you have the opposite lifestyle and you have not had any thoughts of this kind. So, be ready for a long and fascinating journey into the depths of your soul and promise to be patient and kind to yourself no matter what. All changes will take time, but your happiness and high-quality life are on the chopping block.

It is time to have another important priority in order to achieve success. You have to possess a MINDFULNESS. This quality will allow you to enjoy every second of your life, to track all your energy level changes and to become a source of happiness for everyone. Do not be shy in asking yourself the following questions: “Why should I do it? What am I feeling at this moment? Do I feel comfortable with these people? Do I treat myself with respect to? Do I want to?”

These kinds of questions will help you to be in harmony with yourself, to possess a high energy level and to attract the proper things and people into your life. Mindfulness requires concentration and it may be difficult to concentrate on your emotions, you may have a desire to turn on music or a film and to have time for your own. In this case, the following habit may help you avoid such feelings.

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You can set an alarm for five times during the day and when it rings, you should ask yourself the above questions. It will be a reminder for you to live your life with mindfulness. Another thing that can strengthen your mindfulness may be meditation. It requires about 5-10 minutes a day, but after this time investment, you will be refreshed and more attentive. There are lots of kinds of meditation, so you choose one you will really enjoy.

In what way does our feminine energy influences our relationships?

How does feminine energy influence our private lives and what kind of things does it produce in relationships? What is special in feminine energy to attract a man? There is an opinion that women must be the strongest on earth and compete with everyone to achieve success in this life. As we have already realized, such a life approach brings us everything except happiness, so it is useless.

It is clear that women should be strong but the main indicator of their strength is their womanhood. It is impossible to be feminine and fight with everything at the same time. Every woman should make her own choices, as everyone possesses the freedom of choice. When you are in love with yourself, you make the best choices for you. Every woman is waiting for a man who is stronger than she, otherwise the relationship is not interesting.

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If you are interested to be in relationship with a strong man, you should develop your feminine qualities and energy. The strongest and wisest men choose the most feminine women. The happiest women choose the strongest men. Opposites attract.

These are some Universal laws that we should take into consideration. Our sacred feminine nature helps us to choose the best things for us and for our family and it is really helpful during dating. Because of the difference in your energies, you will be able to feel and choose the right person and to create a happy relationship. Of course, there are some women who prefer weak men, but fortunately that is an exception rather than the rule.

Every day the world is changing, there is a lot of information everywhere and we have to cope with thousands of tasks. Our society is very demanding and there will never be any limits for responsibilities. But when we have harmony in our souls, everything becomes easier as we become more sensitive to our surroundings. Being authentic requires courage and a strong inner decision, but beauty and femininity begin when you decide to be yourself.

Find some tips how to increase feminine energy in this video:

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