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150+ Deep Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend - Revolve Around Him

calendarMay 30, 2017

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention 152 deep questions to ask your boyfriend. In fact, there are lots of topics to talk about with your boyfriend and also questions to ask your partner. What to ask your boyfriend will depend entirely on you and it is advisable to ask some deep personal questions. You might be rather nervous to inquire deep life questions to your crush, but there are plenty of conversation starters with your boyfriend that should help you out.

At first it is imperative to get to know your partner pretty well before you have any serious questions to ask your boyfriend. You should try to focus on asking those questions to ask your significant other that will make you understand that you have affinity for him. Although there are many relationship questions to ask a guy, you should ensure that you are covering almost every topic in your daily life. Try to avoid asking sad questions which might make him emotional and mournful.

In case you are trying to find some ways how to get closer to your boyfriend then this technique of asking dares for your boyfriend will prove to be extremely fruitful.

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Here are the 152 deep questions for your boyfriend:

1. In case you are given an option, would you believe in Fate or God?

2. What would be your reaction in case my closest buddy meets you at a fitness center that you visit frequently and proposes you?

3. Would you allow me to raise my kids according to my own faith if ever we are blessed with children?

4. What are the incidents that have helped you to have success in your life?

5. What do you think is a perfect life and what methods would you adopt to make it for both of us?

6. What is the best quality that you see inside me?

7. If you would like to change any of my habits, then what would they be?

8. Suppose you are having some disputes with some of your close friends or even my relatives, then how would you cope with that?

9. Apart from me, is there any other female with whom you have an intimate relationship?

10. Do you still have any soft corner for your previous girlfriend or anyone who liked you in the past?

11. In case you have any regrets about your past, then what are they and how would you like to change it?

12. What impression did you have about me when we met for the first time?

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13. In case you go abroad for your profession, would you like me to accompany you?

14. What would be your reaction if you find me cheating on you

15. Do you believe in the fact that there is no one else apart from me who is perfect for you?

16. Are you that sort of person who has any grudge or ill feelings about an individual?

17. How do you visualize us as a couple after 10 years?

18. What would you do if you suddenly find that you have become bankrupt? Do you think that you can manage your family emotionally and financially in case you marry me?

19. Will you be able to leave everybody just to be with me?

20. How important is our relationship to you? Do you consider me to be important?

21. How many years do you believe our relationship is going to last?

22. What are your feelings regarding being in an exclusive partnership?

23. What do you think regarding kids?

24. Do you really adore me? What are your feelings about me?

25. Are you prepared to work on our partnership along with me?

26. Will you always give me the top priority?

27. What is your impression about monogamy?

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28. Do you use your credit cards at random?

29. Have you got any debt?

30. Do you like the idea of joint bank accounts for both of us?

31. Are you prepared to move abroad in case you get a lucrative job? Would you take me with you in that case?

32. In case I am offered a lucrative job in some other location, would you like to relocate there with me?

33. How many hours would you like to work every day to run our family?

34. How much cash would you like to earn and how much would you like to spend?

35. Are you satisfied to stay in this place where you are now? If not, then what is your ideal location?

36. What are your spiritual views?

37. Do you visit church regularly or do you have any other religious obligations?

38. What is your idea regarding my family members?

39. Do you like to have kids? If so, then how many?

40. What type of relationship do you have with your parents and siblings?

41. What treatment did your previous girlfriend receive from them?

42. What would be your reaction in case I have any disputes between your family members? Are there any disputes between your family members and me?

43. What is your idea of a blind date?

44. What is your perception about love?

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45. Are you affectionate by nature? If so, then why do you consider yourself that way?

46. What are your plans regarding the education and schooling of your children?

47. Do you have any financial obligations?

48. Do you find it comfortable to discuss sexual matters?

49. How frequently you want to come in physical contact with me?

50. How do you manage to practice your religion?

51. Do you get the support from your family regarding your faith?

52. What is the aim in your life and how would you like to achieve it?

53. What type of sexual activities do you find enjoyable? Is there anything which makes you feel uneasy?

54. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

55. Would you like me to talk about you to my friends?

56. Do you like to talk with your lover with whom you had an affair previously?

57. What is the personal secret that you do not want to reveal to anybody?

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58. What is your idea of a perfect woman? What should be her good qualities?

59. Who was your first sweetheart in your life?

60. What would be your reaction in case you find me dating with someone else?

61. What is a thing you don't like about me?

62. If you ever break up with me then what would be the reason for that?

63. What would be your reaction if I'm diagnosed with a deadly ailment? Would you still continue to stay with me?

64. Will you wait for me in case I have to stay somewhere else for quite some time?

65. In case we have a handicapped child, how would you deal with that?

66. What are your financial plans for the future?

67. Do you like to play any game and who is your favorite sportsman?

68. Who is your favorite author?

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69. What are the 3 words by which you can describe yourself?

70. Do you have any major flaws? If so, then what are they?

71. What are your memories regarding your first love?

72. Who is your closest female companion after me?

73. What thing would you like to forget the most in your life?

74. Suppose a celebrity proposes to you, then would you leave me for her?

75. Are you still a virgin?

76. Is there any bad habit that you have? If so, then what is it?

77. What is your perception regarding the universe?

78. What would be your top priority on your first date?

79. How would you describe perfect happiness?

80. Where would you like to go for your honeymoon and why?

81. Do you believe in extra marital sex?

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82. How many years did your most intimate relationship last?

83. What gift would you like to offer me on this Valentine's Day?

84. According to you which one is better: premarital abstinence or premarital sex?

85. Would you look at my past in case I marry you?

86. What would be your reaction if you find that my previous crush was a very rich and intellectual person?

87. How much money would you like to earn every month?

88. When did you start believing that I am the right woman for you?

89. You believe in which God and why?

90. What is your perception regarding your immediate future?

91. If a potential boyfriend proposes to me, then what will be your reaction?

92. Who has been your most romantic girlfriend ever?

93. Do you have anyone as your idol?

94. Who is your favorite Hollywood star?

95. In case I suffer from any terrible scars due to an accident, would you continue to love me?

96. What makes you think that I am the best woman in the world?

97. When would you like to marry me?

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98. Do you believe in supernatural powers?

99. Have you ever encountered any ghost?

100. What would be your immediate reaction if you find me going out with another guy?

101. Do you consider me as your best girlfriend?

102. Do you believe that we should live right now as if it is the last day in our lives?

103. Is it possible for two arrogant individuals to fall in love with each other?

104. Do you simply rely on fate or think that one has to work hard to get something special?

105. If I get kidnapped would you still wait for me to come back? If so, then how long?

106. What would you like to know in case a crystal ball could foresee the future?

107. Do you want to live till the ripe old age of 90 years without any ailments?

108. Suppose you asked for a boon from a deity, what would be it?

109. If you succeed in winning a lottery, how would you spend the money for me?

110. Do you believe I am the ideal person for you and if so, then why?

111. In what way can I help you so that you feel more comfortable?

112. What is your perception about a great husband?

113. What would you like me to say to you when you come back home after working tirelessly the whole day?114. Would you like to come in physical contact with me before we get married?

115. Would you like to be more intimate as compared to now in the next few years?

116. Are you feeling distressed because of the argument that we had last week?

117. What is your idea of an ideal father once you have kids?

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118. What is the best remembrance you have regarding our relationship?

119. What particular thing about our relationship makes you most happy?

120. What role would you like me to adopt as a mother once we have kids?

121. If one word can describe me then what is it?

122. If two words can describe our intense romance then what are they?

123. What, according to you, is the biggest threat in our relationship?

124. Do you think that you need to stay with the same individual throughout your life?

125. What is your favorite gastronomy that you would like me to cook for you?

126. What controversial difference between us fascinates you the most?

127. What similarity between us do you like the most?

128. Why did you fall in love with me?

129. Is there anything in our relationship that scares you?

130. Do you feel intimidated by the term "love"?

131. How much would you like to spend on our wedding ceremony?

132. What would you like to do along with me that has not been done by us before?

133. Do you expect me to stay with you in case you become bankrupt?

134. What is your favorite tourist destination and why?

135. What is the thing that you do not dare to ask me?

136. Do think that there is something lacking in our relationship and if so, what is that?

137. What non-physical attribute in me do you like the most?

138. What physical quality in me do you find interesting?

139. If our relationship comes to an end then what thing would you miss the most?

140. Why you believe that our romance will continue forever?

141. What, according to you, is the most insecure moment during our relationship?

142. In case I yell at you what would be your reaction?

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143. What has been the funniest moment in our relationship so far?

144. What particular flaw in my attitude do you like the most?

145. Would you like me to know everything regarding your financial status?

146. Do you believe that there is something like the "perfect" individual?

147. What makes me the ideal woman for you?

148. What would be your reaction if I allow you to go out with some other girl?

149. How would you like me to describe you in 2 words?

150. What is your ideal way to attract women?

151. What type of affection do you expect from me?

152. What thing in our relationship, according to you, is unique?

Here are some unique love quotes for your boyfriend:

  • “Ever since the day you came into my life, I knew you would be here until the end of time.”
  • “I will love you until the stars go out and the tides no longer turn.”
  • “I still get butterflies even though I’ve seen you a hundred times.”
  • “You make me complete. I love you so much, I didn’t know what love meant until I met you.”

There are many avenues to win the heart of your sweetheart. Asking him these type of queries will surely help you to reach your goal. However, you must also implement other techniques that can fascinate him.

Above all, believe in yourself and be confident. If you really try hard, then everything can be achieved.

Find some tips about deep questions to ask your boyfriend in this video:

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