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50+ Dating Game Questions - It Will Be Your Best Conversation

calendarMay 30, 2017

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary with your partner or you are going on a blind date with someone that you will be seeing for the very first time, the dating game is just for you. For those of you that are not familiar with this game, I am happy to tell you all about it. The dating game is like a fun love quiz or a love question game. It is able to offer hours of enjoyment for you and your date. It also provides a variety of creative questions you can use whether you are on your first, second or even third date.

The reality is that keeping the discussion flowing might be extremely challenging especially if you are nervous or shy. But as I always say, “the key is to be prepared.” Below is a list of 50+ dating game questions that can help you get prepared. They are the best dating game questions for you. Are you new to the date games to play on date and don't know where to find good questions? What are you waiting for? Check them out right now!

These questions are simple or general questions that you can use to start the game. You will realize that the questions get more serious as you read the list. Have a look at them.

Basic Questions

1. Where are you from?

If this is the first date, then this question is a simple and great way to start the conversation. Keep the conversation going by asking the other questions below.

2. What do you believe are your finest qualities?

A question like this one will help you to know more about your date. I like this one, and he or she will like it too! You will hear about all the things that make this person special.

3. Which of the following would better describe you? A morning person or a night owl?

Nice one! Some people are morning persons while others are night owls. Go ahead and use it in your question games. I love it!

4. If you had the opportunity to choose your dream job, what would you choose?

This is a very interesting question for him or her. You should definitely add this one to your question list.

5. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

This is another interesting date question you can ask. Your date will like this one.

6. If you had the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, where would you decide to go?

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I like the sound of this question. The answer should be very thought-provoking.

7. What do you do for fun?

This question will help you to understand what your date likes to do for fun. You cannot go wrong with a question like this. Be sure to ask it!

8. What are the qualities that you are looking for in a partner?

Now we are getting to the more serious questions of the dating games. This is a question that you should add to your question list.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

This is an extremely interesting question to ask your date. You want to know their plans for the future. Do not leave this one off your list.

10. What are some of the things that you see yourself doing when you retire?

If you are searching for questions about the future, then this is one of them.

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Personal Questions and Background Information

This list of questions consists of personal questions and background questions. It is extremely important to know the answer to these questions, so please use them when you are playing the dating question game. They are also great blind date questions.

1. How long did your longest relationship last?

You want to know the type of person that your date is. Is he or she a person that stays in a relationship for a very long time or is it the other way around with him or her? This question might just give you your answer.

2. Would you want to be famous? What would you want to be famous for?

Well, what can I say? This is a good question to ask your date in the dating question game. Some persons would like to be famous while others like to remain anonymous. Which would your date prefer? Ask away!

3. What are you most grateful for in your life?

I like this question and I know that your date will happily answer it. Good one!

4. If you wake up tomorrow having gained a special ability, what would you want that special ability to be?

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Awesome question to ask your date. Maybe he or she would want to be able to read minds, speak another language or be able to sing. Ask him or her and you will find out.

5. What do you value most in a friendship?

Another great question to ask. I am sure that your date will be happy to tell you all about friendship and what it means to him or her.

6. What is your most treasured memory in your life?

Everybody has a memory they treasure. Your date will be happy to share this memory with you.

7. What is the most terrible memory in your life?

Yes, you are asking your date to retell a horrible memory in his or her life. But, it will probably help to talk about it.

8. Are you an affectionate person?

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This is extremely important to know. If you are affectionate and your date is too, then maybe you can look forward to a bright future. Who knows? You might be perfect for each other.

9. How important is love and affection to you?

This is another important question about love and affection to ask your date. You will want to know how important love and affection is to him or her. Knowing this information will definitely help you. Trust me!

10. What is the relationship between you and your parents like?

When people have a good relationship with their parents and other members of their family, it says a whole lot about them. Talk to your date about the relationship he or she has with their family. You will learn a lot.

11. What makes you happy?

Everybody is different in their own way. Therefore, what makes you happy might not make your date happy. And the only way to know what makes your date happy is to ask him or her. Try this question on your next date.

12. Would you want to have kids in the future?

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Some people want kids, while others do not. It is important to know what your date wants in in life.

13. Who is your favorite artist?

A simple question that you cannot go wrong with.

14. What is your favorite color?

This is another simple question that works every time.

15. Who is your idol or role model?

Most people have someone they look up to. Your date might have a role model or an idol too. Find out all about it.

16. Which do you prefer? Tea or coffee?

A simple question that always works.

dating game questions

Common Dating Game Questions

These are questions that are commonly asked in the dating question game. Feel free to use all of them.

1. Do you see a glass as being half empty or half full?

You will want to know if your date is an optimist or a pessimist. An optimistic person would see the glass as being half full while a pessimistic person would look at it as being half empty.

2. Have you ever given money or food to a homeless person?

Some people like to help people who are in unfortunate situations while others may not. Ask this question to see the type of person your date is.

3. What do you value most in a relationship?

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Different people value different things in a relationship. The only way to know what your date values most is to ask your date.

4. What is one thing you have that you value most?

Good question. The response should be interesting.

5. How often do you use social media websites? Which site is your favorite?

Some people cannot live without social media websites. Is your date one of these persons? Well, you know what to do.

6. What are the things that make you laugh?

Find out all about the things that make your date laugh, then use them to make him or her laugh. How cool is that?

7. Do you easily get offended?

Interesting question. Is your date thin-skinned or thick-skinned? You want to know the answer to this one.

8. Where is your favorite place to spend time?

Good question. Go ahead and add it to your list.

9. What is your favorite season? Why?

This question is just for your date. Do not forget it.

10. Which genre of music is your favorite?

You cannot go wrong with a question like this one.

Situational Questions

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We all go through different situations in life and each person may react differently to these situations. Below are some situational questions you can use. We all love a good laugh and some of them are funny dating game questions that will make you lol.

1. What would you do if a child came up to you and kick you?

I know what I would do. But what would your date do? Ask away! This should be very funny.

2. If you had the choice to be any animal, which animal would you be and why?

Another silly situational question just for your date. I like it! A question like this one will definitely lighten the moment.

3. If you won one billion dollars, what would you do with it?

Wow! That’s a lot of money, but what would your date do with it? Ask him or her!

games to play on a date

4. Imagine that you got stranded on an island. What are the three things you would like to have?

Another interesting situational question. I love it! Keep them coming!

5. If you were given three wishes, what would you wish for?

I know exactly what I would wish for, but what about your date?

6. Your house is on fire, what would you grab as you run out?

I hope that your date will never be in this situation.

7. Would you relocate to be with someone that you love?

Would your date relocate to be with someone that he or she loves? If you are searching for situational questions about love, then this is one of them.

Fun Questions

9 funny dating game questionsSource

Lighten up the atmosphere with some of these silly questions below. After all, they are just for fun.

1. Are you a cat person or dog person?

This is a question that you can ask just for fun.

2. Which color best describes your personality and why?

Awwww, this should be interesting.

3. What are the three things you cannot leave your home without?

Some people cannot leave their home without some stuff. I wonder what your date cannot leave home without.

4. What’s the one word that best describes your life?

I love this question. It is a simple question that asks so much.

5. What are some of the nicknames you have had?

This should be fun.

Character Questions

What type of person is your date? Is he or she honest? Is he or she helpful or religious? Check out these questions below.

1. What would you do if a cashier gives you back too much money?

Is your date an honest person? Well, here is one way you can find out.

2. What would you do if you saw a car broken down on the side of the road? Would you stop to help or drive along your ‘merry way’?

Is your date a helpful person? This question will help you to know how helpful your date is.

3. What would you change about yourself if you could?

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We are all imperfect beings and some of us would like to change some things about ourselves. It may be a physical attribute or a character trait. Ask your date this question to see what he or she would like to change about his or herself.

4. Which type of religion are you associated with, and how important is it to you?

Religion or religious beliefs might be important to one person but unimportant to another. It would be good to know which religious group your date is associated with and the importance of the group to him or her. Please add this question to your list.

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So there you have it. More than fifty (50) questions you can use when you are playing the dating question game. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a teenager, you will enjoy this game. In this list, there are newly friend game questions and many other common dating questions. They are great for the dating game and they can be used for couples or for teenagers that are dating. Wait no more to spice up your conversation with these good and funny dating questions! I hope that you will have loads of fun and laughter on your date.

Find some tips about the dating game questions in this video:

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