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55+ Nice Things to Do for Your Boyfriend - He Will Feel Loved and Appreciated

calendarMay 30, 2017

Being in love is a wonderful thing. When you are in love it is recommended for you to do the cute little things to keep the fire burning. All these things will add up so that you have a happy and strong relationship. Here is a list of cute things to do for your boyfriend that also includes many romantic things. They will brighten his day and he will feel loved and appreciated. Check them out right now!

1. Cook his favorite meal

They say food is the way to a man’s heart. So, spend your time to cook his favorite meal. He will appreciate this kind gesture. Food can be considered a gift, so consider this a surprise gift for your boyfriend.

2. Surprise him by dropping off his favorite treat at work

This is one of those "surprise your boyfriend" ideas. If you think that women are the only ones who like surprises then, you are dead wrong! Men like surprises too. Surprise him with a nice treat at work and you will make his day for sure. This is one of many romantic things to do for your boyfriend.

3. Pay for his dinner

Treat him when you can. Most men prefer to pay for their meals but if he treats you well then I don’t see why you can’t do the same for him. Pay for his dinner, he will be grateful for it. Free things never hurt a relationship, especially food-related things.

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4. Buy him a cool T-Shirt

If you look online you will see some cool t-shirts for men and women. Find out what he likes then get him one of these shirts. He will wear it with pride, as it is one of those creative surprises for your boyfriend.

5. Wear clothing that he likes to see you in

Men usually have favorite clothing that they like to see their women in. Find out what this is, then wear it for him. He will absolutely love this.

6. Tell him that you miss him

Never underestimate the power of words. It may seem like a little thing to you but it can mean a great deal to him. Please do not overdo it, though. This is one of those thoughtful things.

7. Stock his refrigerator with his favorite beer

This is a sweet thing to do for your boyfriend. Men do not usually like to shop for things. He will love this gesture. This nice idea shows what to do when you love your boyfriend.

8. Try to get along with his mom

For his sake try to get along with his mother. If you hang out with his mom he will feel really good about it. Do simple and fun things together like going to yoga classes, cooking or walking in the park. This sweet gesture will make your man love you more.

9. Fill his gas tank

This would definitely be a pleasant surprise for him. He will love it. If you don’t know how to surprise your boyfriend and you want an idea then this is an excellent one. Keep making creative surprises for your boyfriend,girl!

10. Write a poem for him and put it in a frame

This is a cute idea for your boyfriend. If you are searching for cute creative things then, this is one of them. It is also very romantic and he will be touched by it. Songs and poems are the cutest things to make for your boyfriend. Such a nice surprise for your boyfriend!

11. Write how much you love him on social media

If you are searching for cute things to do for your long distance boyfriend then you have one right here. When you are not close to your boyfriend you can show him some love on his social media profile. Post something sweet and then tag him in it. Use some of the sweet things to say to your man.

12. Leave him cute love notes

This is a great example of how to surprise your man. Love notes will never get old. Write him a cute little love note then leave it in his wallet, car or briefcase. You can also write him notes and stick them in his pants pockets when you are folding them. These are all cute little things that you can do for your boyfriend. Never forget making these surprises for your guy!

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13. Shower him with hugs and kisses

Shower your baby with hugs and kisses. Do it as much as you want to. He will feel the love. Hugs and kisses are cute things to do for your boyfriend just because you love him. I hope you are not afraid of more sweet things to say to your man after shower, right? ;)

14. Give him a nice romantic bath

Just another wonderful "surprise your boyfriend" idea! When your man comes home from a long day at work, meet him at the door with hugs and kisses. Take his clothes off and give him a warm bath. He will feel loved and appreciated.

15. Give him a nice romantic massage

This is one of those things boyfriends like. If you are thinking about special things to do for your boyfriend then this is one of them. When your man is tired, a gentle massage is all he needs. Massage his body with his favorite lotion or baby oil.

If you do not know how to do massages then go straight to Google or YouTube for more information.

Your man will love you for this one. Great example of romantic things to do for your boyfriend!

16. Do his laundry for him

Would you like to know more "surprise your boyfriend" ideas? Here you go! If you have known each other for a good while then he won’t have a problem if you go through his clothing. Doing his laundry is an excellent way to show that you really care. He will appreciate this kind gesture. As far as you love your boyfriend, even laundry time is a good time.

17. Help him to complete a task that is on his bucket list

Choose any task that is on his bucket list and help him with it. A bucket list is a list of things that a person wants to complete. Whichever task you choose, I am sure that he will appreciate your help.

18. Surprise him with the “Balloon Surprise”

If you want to do a creative thing for your boyfriend then you need to try the balloon surprise. It is the most creative and romantic surprises of all time. Think about opening a box then seeing a lot of colorful balloons and a cute note popping out of this box. Try this one today. It could be an excellent Valentine’s Day surprise, just make sure that the balloons are red and white. Are you ready to surprise your boyfriend?

19. Give him compliments when he fails

If you give him compliments when he succeeds then you can do the same when he fails. Let him know that it is okay to fail and motivate him to continue to try. He will appreciate this every time. This is really something special to do for your boyfriend.

20. Send him a gift each hour on his birthday

This is a very romantic gesture and he will be overwhelmed by it. You can buy your gifts at the store, make them yourself or a mixture of both. The gifts do not have to be expensive. Begin by sending the first gift at twelve o’clock with a courier man and continue until the end of his birthday. If you are searching for cute things to do for your boyfriend on his birthday then you have one right here!

21. Plan a surprise birthday party for him on the roof

Still out of "surprise your boyfriend" ideas? Take a look at another cool birthday idea for him. Plan a birthday party for him and send invitations to all his friends and families. Lead him to roof at 12 o'clock. And party all night. Your boyfriend will love this cute surprise. Don't you agree that this is one of those things you would love your boyfriend to do for you too?

22. Wash his car for him

You can either get him a coupon to wash his car or wash his car yourself. He will appreciate any one of these kind gestures. This is a perfect thing to do when you love your boyfriend.

23. Indulge in the joys of Public Displays of Affection (PDA) with your boyfriend

A lot of males pretend as if they do not care about PDA but they do. Kiss him, hug him and hold his hands when you are in public. Just another great example of something special to do for your boyfriend. All these things are appreciated.

24. Get wasted with him

On a Friday night, you can hang out with him on the couch and drink as many beers as you can. Laugh, chat and do fun stuff. You will get the award for the world’s greatest girlfriend. Make this moment special for your man!

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25. Let him know that you appreciate the things that he does for you

Listen to these thoughtful things. Be appreciative. Whatever he does for you whether big or small let him know that you appreciate them. He will feel thankful for having such as grateful girlfriend in his life.

26. Go to bed in your birthday suit

It doesn’t get better than this. He will definitely love this wonderful surprise! Boyfriends like these hot things!

27. Give him a foot massage when he gets home from work

This is a cute thing to do for your boyfriend. He will appreciate this warm gesture and ask to do this nice surprise once again!

28. Send him a cute text message while he is at work

Let him know how much you love and appreciate him. Text messages like these will put a smile on his face. Think of something nice to say to your boyfriend via text.

29. Iron his shirt the night before

This is a great example of how to surprise your husband. Some men like to iron their shirts in the morning when they are getting ready for work. If he is one of these men then you can surprise him by ironing his shirt the night before. Always keep in mind this great and little example of how to surprise your man.

30. Get him a gift card to his favorite store

If he has a favorite store that he likes to shop at then surprise him with a gift card. Boyfriends love free things, after all.

31. Wash his hair

This is a very cute thing to do for your man. He will love and appreciate your kind gesture. And in his eyes, you will be an amazing girlfriend.

32. Let him have the last cookie

Most men would let their women eat the last cookie but if you are both eating a pack of cookies and the last cookie is left in the pack you can let him have it. Maybe he will decline the offer but he will know that you care for him and that is all that matters at the end of the day. This is a little thing, but still, it's a romantic thing to do for your boyfriend.

33. Cut his hair

If you can’t cut hair then learn how to do it before you try to do it in his hair. If you mess up his hair then he is going to be very unhappy with you.

34. Buy his favorite candy and leave it in his car

If he is a candy lover then this is a sweet thing to do for him. Always remember about these good things to buy for your boyfriend.

35. Give him a manicure and pedicure

Men love to be pampered. Take care of his nails when you can. He will appreciate it. After spa spice up your moment with sweet things. Your man will love it!

36. Make his favorite breakfast

Breakfast in the morning from his special girl. That is all your special man needs.

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37. Take him out to lunch

Take him out for lunch and pay for it this time. If he treats you right then you can treat him right too. Again, free things are nice for your relationship.

38. Make him lunch

The only thing better than taking out your man for lunch is making the lunch yourself. He will see that you have put a lot of time and effort in doing it and he will appreciate this home cooked meal. Don't you know now how to surprise your man with meal?

39. Cook for him in just an apron

It doesn’t get better than this. He will go crazy for this one.

40. Mow the lawn

I am not saying that you should do this every time but if you see that he has a lot on his hand and mowing the lawn is his job then, mow it for him. This will be appreciated.

41. Stand by him

A man wants to know that his queen will always be there to support him. Encourage him, guide him and cheer him on every step of the way. Hearing that you stand by him is one of those things boyfriends love to hear.

42. Take him on a date

Take your king on a date. He will appreciate the fact that you planned it all by yourself. This would be a nice surprise for your boyfriend.

43. Buy him a nice perfume

This is a cute gesture. He will think of you every time he smells the scent of this perfume.

44. Have an in-house picnic with him

If you don’t want to go outside to have a picnic then take it inside. He will love it, trust me. Sometimes, sweet things to do with your boyfriend can be done at home.

45. Get him tickets for his favorite game

This is a cute thing to do for your man. It may not be the most romantic thing to do but, he will appreciate it.

46. Massage his head

This is a cute and kind gesture that shows him that you really care. Rest his head on your lap and give him a nice head massage. Remember to be gentle.

47. Read him a poem that you wrote just for him

Write a poem just for him and then read it to him. This is a super cute and romantic thing to do for him. A nice poem would definitely qualify as one of those things boyfriends love to hear.

48. Give him a jar filled with reasons why you love him

Write out all the reasons why you love your boyfriend on pieces of papers. Fold them and put them in a jar. You can spray a nice perfume on them to make it more special. Wrap the jar in a wrapping paper and have him open it then read them one by one. I heard that you were searching for nice things to do for your boyfriend and this is one of them.

49. Give him breakfast in bed

This one never gets old and will always be appreciated. Put a smile on his face by giving him breakfast in bed.

50. Create a video documenting all the good things that you have done as a couple

If you are one of those couples who love to take pictures together then, take him down memory lane with a video that you have created with all these pictures.

Use the most interesting pictures that you have taken together and create a video. There are many apps on Google Play Store that enables you to do this.

He is really going to love it. This one is an excellent gift to give him on your anniversary.

51. Hug him from behind

There is something really awesome about being hugged from behind. Melt his heart with this special kind of hug. He is going to love it, and it's actually a great example of how to surprise your boyfriend.

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52. Call him just to say that you love him

This is simple yet very romantic and cute. Just call him to let him know that you love him. This is an excellent way to brighten his day.

53. Sing a song that is dedicated to him at a karaoke

Do you love your boyfriend? Why not to sing a nice romantic song for him? Whether you are having a karaoke indoor with just you two or outdoor with friends he will feel special if you dedicate a song just for him. Do not worry if you can’t sing. Just have fun with him.

54. Be his cheerleader during his game

Bring your pompoms to cheer him on at his game. He will find this cute and funny. It will also motivate him to do his best. This is definitely one of those things boyfriends like.

55. Create a comic strip of you and him

If you want cute things to draw for your boyfriend then try this one. You do not need to be a good artist. It is your creation and it will be perfect. In addition, reading the comics with him is definitely an example of one of those fun things to do with boyfriend at home.

56. Tickle him

The best time to tickle him is when he does not expect it. Tickle him until he runs out of breath. This is similar to pillow fights and will make you two feel closer than ever. This may not be one of those things boyfriends like, but you can always try it out first.

It doesn’t take much to make your guy happy. Just do cute things for him each day and you are well on your way. You don’t need to spend money on expensive things all the time, some of them don't even cost a dime. I hope that you found this list of sweet things to do for your boyfriend interesting. Try some of these gestures today. Your relationship will grow stronger and last longer.

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