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50+ Cool Nicknames for Girls - Strike Her Chord

calendarApril 10, 2017

Women love to be called by pet names in a relationship. When you call your girlfriend by that special nickname, it gives her a sense of belonging to you. In fact, every time you refer to her by a cute nickname, you are wooing her. She probably will not want you to refer to her by her given names anymore.

It is however important to mention that the name you choose must be acceptable to her. Although nicknames are derived from personal traits and are very intimate, you must be careful not to be insensitive.

What are cute names to call your girlfriend?


Use your nicknames for her to communicate how you feel about her. Here is a list of some cute names to call your girlfriend derived from the many things that make her the woman you love.

1. Nicknames from her personality:

  • Sweetness: This is a great nickname for a girlfriend who has a sweet personality. It validates her personality while at the same time showing that you recognize how sweet she is.
  • Sweet mother goose: This is an affectionate way to recognize a girlfriend who is nurturing and caring. You can use it on her when the two of you are at home and she is busy making you your favorite meal or hovering over you when you are down with the flu.
  • Shy girl: If she is shy, this nickname is a sweet way to coax her out of her shell. Shy girl is such a cute name; it may make her more bashful, which can be even more endearing.
  • Ferociousness: if she is a fireball, lovingly calling her my little ferociousness will tame her when she is with you. During one of those intense moments, lighten the mood by calling her ferocious teasingly to cool things down.
  • Miss mischievous: This is an apt name if she loves pranks and playing practical jokes on people. When you see that gleam in her eye, call her your little miss mischievous and tell her you know what she is up to.
  • Miss Fabulous: This nickname is a sweet way of referring to a woman who is always well put together. With no hair out of place and flawless makeup, calling her fabulous boosts her confidence and acknowledges her efforts on herself.
  • Beautiful: This nickname is a celebration of the physical attributes of your girlfriend or much deeper qualities like a beautiful heart. By nicknaming her beautiful, you make her feel beautiful.
  • Red: If she has a temper, nicknaming her red is a recognition and appreciation of her fiery nature. Calling her red shows that you accept her as she is and love her regardless. She could also be a redhead which makes the nickname a loving description of her.

2. Nicknames from the animal kingdom:

  • Kitten: Arguably one of the most adorable animals, the nickname kitten oozes cuteness. Nicknaming her your little kitten lets her know that you love her cute little ways.
  • Lamb: Another cute animal is the lamb. This nickname also signifies that you find her cute and adorable and love taking care of her just like a shepherd does.
  • Chihuahua: This is a cute nickname if your girlfriend is a dog lover. The name will make sense to her because she knows that Chihuahuas are cute and have got a lovely temperament. By calling her your little Chihuahua, you are acknowledging of these same beautiful qualities in her.
  • Lioness: This is a great nickname for your girlfriend because of her fierce pride and protectiveness over those she loves. It is a cute way of recognizing her instincts and feelings.
  • Gazelle: This nickname compliments her gracefulness and nimbleness. When she is in the middle of a task, calling her a gazelle will communicate your admiration for her and her mannerisms. This name would be even better if she is a dancer by profession.
  • Peacock: This is an appropriate name for a woman who loves the mirror and loves to dress up. Use this nickname on her every time you pass a mirror while in each other’s company, and she steals a glance at herself. This nickname will have her preening about all the time. It is a lovely way to compliment her and appreciate her looks.

3. Cute nicknames for girlfriend in foreign languages:

  • Moya golubushka: This is Russian for my little dove. Doves are considered pure so this nickname shows the image you have of your girlfriend.
  • Eyes of a gazelle: This is translated from Arabic (ywn ghzal). Referring to her as your eyes of a gazelle is a big compliment to her beauty. This is a very poetic nickname.
  • Gata: This is a Brazilian word for pretty. How better to compliment her daily than by calling her gata. It will definitely endear you to her and increase her confidence in your relationship.
  • Mijn Bolleke: This means my little round thing. If your girlfriend is soft and plump and on the plus size end of the spectrum, lovingly calling her your little round thing shows her that you love her physical attributes no matter her size. This is a unique nickname that is a confidence booster.
  • Egg with eyes: This is translated from Japanese (tamago gata no kao). Although it seems funny, this nickname is meant for a woman with an oval face since the Japanese consider the oval face very beautiful. She needs a sense of humor for this nickname.
  • Mi sol: This means my Sun in Spanish. This is a sweet nickname that shows how she brightens your life. Saying it in Spanish makes it even more romantic.
  • Dulzura: This is also a Spanish nickname that means my sweet thing. Use this nickname when you are in little trouble with her to smooth out the issues.
  • Sotnos: This means sweet nose in Swedish. Using this nickname on your girlfriend is very endearing because of the cute sentiment. After all, not everybody will complement a nose. If she does have a cute nose, that’s even better.
  • Fragolina: Does she love strawberries? This is the best nickname for her since it means my little strawberry. Use it when buying her a strawberry milkshake while on a date.
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4. Nicknames from all time great animation heroines:

  • Pocahontas: This is a great name for an unconventional girl. Calling her Pocahontas is a complement to her ability to thrive in a male-dominated environment and her independence. It also signifies that you find her exotic.
  • Ariel: This nickname is apt for her if she loves swimming or surfing or if her body is like that of a mermaid. Calling her Ariel shows you appreciate not only her love for the water but also her physical features.
  • Snow White: This is a nickname that complements her beauty at all times. Referring to her as snow white shows you are taken with her even in the state of sleep.
  • Beauty: Derived from beauty and the beast, this is a cute nickname for a woman who is not swayed by social norms. She loves whomever her heart chooses. Also if you are overbearing and she is the only one who can put up with you, call her your beauty.
  • Sarabi: This is a perfect nickname when you want to complement her as the best partner for you (Mufasa). As the mate of the King of the jungle, nicknaming your girlfriend Sarabi, speaks of your confidence in her as a lifelong mate and a fighter. It’s a great fit for a woman who loves the lion king animation movies or has at least watched them.
  • Sleeping beauty: This is a nickname that praises her physical attributes. It makes your girlfriend see you as the prince who will rescue her. It is even better for you to call her your sleeping beauty if you are a fire fighter or a police officer.
  • Princess Fiona: If she has a quirky sense of humor, nickname her princess Fiona, the ogre princess and yourself Shrek. The two of you can then go about being ogres together.

5. Nicknames from her favorite things:

  • Chanel: Nicknaming her after one of the world’s most popular perfume shows that you know and appreciate how she carries herself with class and finesse. If she does indeed use Chanel this nickname is the perfect description of her.
  • Water lily: You can call her your water lily if they are her favorite flowers. This is a nickname that recognizes something that she loves and identifies with. Present her with a bunch of water lilies as you officially nickname her your water lily.
  • Tina Turner: You can nickname her by her favorite musician’s name. If she loves Tina Turner, refer to her as Tina. You can also nickname her any musician if she loves to sing in the bathroom.
  • My little Stiletto: If she is always wearing stilettos, it would be cute to nickname her your little stiletto. It is safe to say that she will love this nickname which is fashioned after her beloved choice of footwear.

6. Nicknames from professions:

  • Night nurse: This nickname is a little on the racy side but it’s cute on a nurse. Referring to her as your night nurse will grow your intimacy levels. Be sure to use this one in the privacy of your home.
  • Doc Mcdreamy: This is a great nickname for you girlfriend who is a doctor. Coined for one of the characters in the program grey’s anatomy, this nickname is fun and shows how attractive you find her. It is also appropriate for an intimate setting.
  • Serg/Sergeant/drill sergeant: This is an adorable and playful nickname for a woman who is formidable, super organized and always does things a certain way. Calling her your drill sergeant let’s her ease up on you and creates a playful environment. It is an especially apt nickname for a woman in law enforcement or the military.

7. Conventional cute nicknames:

  • Princess: This nickname shows that she is royalty to you and you will always treat her as such. It really captures the high regard you have for your girlfriend.
  • Gorgeous: This cute name is a testament to her good looks. It can even go deeper to describe her character traits as well.
  • Hun: The cute short form of honey is a favorite of many. It shows a familiarity between you two as well as friendship. It is short, to the point and conveys affection.
  • Cupcake: Nicknames after desserts are always cute and sweet. It shows that you see your girlfriend as a sweet addition to your life. Calling her your cupcake can be endearing especially when you have tart aspects of your character.
  • Doll: If she likes to get dolled up at all times, nicknaming her doll is cute. It speaks of your acceptance of her mannerisms. This name also reflects your knowledge of how fragile she is, just like a doll.
  • Sweetie: This is a very sweet and straight forward nickname. It communicates a thorough understanding of your girlfriend’s nature. It can also be used to describe her sweet tooth. If she loves cakes, cookies and candy, call her a little sweetie.
  • Queen of my heart: This is also another nickname that is a testament to how dear and priceless she is to you. She is not just any queen. She is the queen who rules over your heart. It is an endearing and deeply telling nickname.

The choice of a nickname is based on what you see in your girlfriend. Her abilities, hobbies and little quirks are all fodder for the best nicknames. Among other things try and make up nicknames that are playful, deep, cryptic and loving. You don’t have to confine yourself to just one nickname either. You can have as many as you can come up with and use them depending on the situation and setting.

In order to keep the spirit of fun that a nickname creates in a relationship, choose your names wisely. Put into consideration her insecurities and what is offensive to her. Also, do not call her by a nickname you used to call someone else. Every relationship has its own energy and using a nickname you called a former flame is in bad taste. Although some nicknames are universal, getting creative is half the fun of nickname hunting. Remember, the cute name you call your girlfriend is a bold proclamation of the friendship and intimacy in your relationship.

Remember, the cute name you call your girlfriend is a bold proclamation of the friendship and intimacy in your relationship.

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