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Top 10 Custom Scooters Reviews

calendarMarch 29, 2017

Somehow, unnoticeably, the scooter has stopped being only a child's transport and has become a hobby for different people of different ages. It is no wonder, after all, as it is not only a means of transportation but also an excellent foot simulator that helps to develop the musculoskeletal system, balance and reaction. The happy owners of the custom scooters say that this is not just a great way to drive but also a great opportunity to spend time with your family somewhere in the park.

A scooter is low trauma when compared to others children's vehicles because, in case of an emergency, the kid can simply jump off, which makes it the number one choice for young riders in particular. Its speed differs from the bicycle and roller skates, by not allowing the child to accelerate. The perfect form of entertainment - kids feel happy and the parents stay calm!

10 Best Custom Scooters in 2017
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7.60 lbs
Free shipping
Solid but very light, beautifully designed and built for performance
Relatively expensive
22 inch tall, 25 inch wide
Bottom line:
The Red Devil is a real beast in the market of scooters, designed for “professional” riders, it can be a bit too much for beginners.
7 of 10
9.20 lbs
Free shipping
Cheap but of good quality, beautifully designed and built for performance, oversized handlebars great for beginners
Not good for tricks and professional riding, small
7.1 x 29.1 x 12.2 inches
Bottom line:
It’s just the thing for entry-level freestyle scooter riders.
9 of 10
10.00 lbs
Free shipping
The high quality of a professional scooter for a good price, stunning look
If the riding level is rather high, it may demand some upgrading
22 x 6 x 26 inches
Bottom line:
To make the scooter prefect for professional riding, you will have to put some extra money into it; but aside from that it is a very solid item.
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20.00 lbs
Free shipping
Features a motor, allowing your child to go fast, adorable Hello Kitty design and rather affordable price for an e-scooter
Heavy, a full battery only allows a 45 minute ride
34.5 x 20 x 31.75 inches
Bottom line:
Can become the first motorized vehicle for your little one. Adorable Hello Kitty design is just what every little girl wants.
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5.50 lbs
Free shipping
Visible-at-night LED wheels, Lean-To-Steer Mechanism, affordable
loosely attached handles, unclear manual
6.5 x 11 x 23.5 inches
Bottom line:
The 3-wheel design allows kids to learn to ride a scooter easily and securely. Made for beginners, the affordable price makes it perfect for this aim.
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18.00 lbs
Free shipping
Reliable and affordable, inflatable wheels for paved and unpaved surfaces, a wide deck for better balance
Tough brakes, hard to assemble
8.3 x 24.5 x 35.7 inches
Bottom line:
Despite some minor disadvantages, the big size of the wheels provides stability and comfort when riding over any kind of terrain, so it might be just what you need!
7 of 10
Free shipping
The scooter folds, features a helmet, good price
Stiff to open and fold
41.00 x 21.50 x 29.00 inches
Bottom line:
Easy to handle and to ride, good quality for the price.
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13.00 lbs
Free shipping
Multi-function electronic display, very light for an electric scooter, you can ride at night with the built-in bright LED lights
High price
folded size: 39.37 x 15.94 x 15.94 inches
unfolded size: 36.22 x 15.94 x 15.94 inches
Bottom line:
The perfect mode of transportation for an urban environment. If you are on the fence just buy it, you won't be let down!
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2.20 lbs
Free shipping
Innovative frame technology, soft brakes, lightweight
Hard to go up hill, relatively expensive
36.81 x 25.2 x 38.19 inches
Bottom line:
Every family member can choose the right one for himself. This innovative scooter will teach you to balance and will help to keep yourself fit in a fun and safe way.
9 of 10
8.90 lbs
Free shipping
Sturdy steel construction with adjustable handlebar, no-slip grip tread, high performance molded wheels
Expensive, the board it not very big
23.8 x 13.8 x 29 inches
Bottom line:
The Little Red Scooter is a relatively simple vehicle and it does not have many cool features, but it encourages kids to get outdoors to play, enjoying the fun time with their toy, and it copes with this task perfectly!

There are thousands of scooters on the market and even custom scooter builders, allowing you to create your own perfect scooter. But how do you choose a good vehicle, in case you decide to purchase a complete one from the store?

There are many points to consider, such as a child’s age, height, the scooter platform, wheels and of course the price. The kids’ scooter reviews point out the best items on the market. Let’s view what the manufacturers have to offer thus far…

1. DIS Red Devil Custom Pro Complete Scooter, Professionally Assembled

DIS Red Devil Custom Pro Complete Scooter, Professionally Assembled Price: $279.95 from


  • One piece forged head tube
  • 4 Bolt SCS Clamp
  • Reinforced custom oversized bars
  • 6 wheels
  • ABEC-11 high speed bearings
  • Front and rear wheel pegs
  • Full deck black grip tape
  • Two sets of axles, one for use with pegs and one set for use without pegs
  • One of the lightest.
  • Comes with 2 sets of axles.
  • Appropriate for both kids and adults.
  • Front and rear wheel pegs included.
  • Stylish and built for performance.
  • Relatively expensive.

Based in Carlsbad, CA, the DropIn Scooters Company (DIS) started selling repair parts and complete scooters in 2012. Every product of the company is reliable, stylish and well designed. Their main aim, to make every customer a friend, is clearly reflected in their goods. DropIn Scooters is a family business, the concept of which is to assemble each custom scooter and pack every set of wheels themselves.

The Red Devil looks stunning but there are other colors available in stock as well, particularly black and blue. It consists of a one piece forged tube, reinforced custom oversized bars, integrated anodized T7 deck, integrated thread-less headset, sealed bearings, metal core 6-spoke wheels, precision smooth bearings, front and rear wheel pegs, 2 sets of axles and black grip tape with logo. Sounds very cool! Moreover, if one of the parts breaks down during the initial period of usage, the manufacturer will replace it.

The scooter is professionally assembled, so all you have to do is slide the bars in, tighten the clamp and you are ready to ride!

The Red Devil looks like a dream of every kid who wants to be the coolest person in the hood. It even seems that the founder didn’t miss having a ride himself; at least the quality of the product gives this impression. By the way, the scooters are not made for kids only. A popular trend is to use this vehicle for extreme riding and the DropIn Scooters are eminently suitable for this purpose.

2. Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter - Navy Blue/White

Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter - Navy Blue/White Price: $37.40 from


  • Solid core urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings for a smooth ride
  • Intuitive flat spring-steel rear foot brake for quick stopping power
  • Sturdy steel frame with reinforced heat-treated aluminum deck
  • Two sets of axles, one for use with pegs and one for use without pegs
  • High quality for a very affordable price.
  • Perfect choice for inexperienced riders.
  • Oversized handlebars great for beginners.
  • Durable сonstruction.
  • Safe stopping.
  • Not good for tricks and professional riding.
  • A bit small.

The Pulse Performance KR-2 Freestyle Scooter is the perfect choice for amateur riders who are just gaining some riding skills. This makes it very suitable and safe for kids, as it is inappropriate for high speeds or dangerous feats. This scooter is reliable, as its grip tape deck surface holds the rider’s feet safely in place during freestyle riding, so if you are going to purchase this one for a kid, there is a low probability that he will simply fall out of the scooter.

Oversized handlebars with silicon grips make the scooter be easily controllable and comfortable to ride. Thanks to the solid steel rear brake, stopping is easy and smooth, while durable construction handles the impacts of freestyle riding. This is one more advantage providing secure riding.

The scooter features a heat-treated aluminum deck and reinforced steel front fork, which can handle excessive abuse. Built for long-lasting use, solid core urethane wheels with ABEC-5 bearings deliver smooth riding. The scooter allows a 360-degree rotation.

Overall, the scooter is rather sturdy and of high quality, however, it is not very big, so as the kid grows older there might be the need to upgrade it or get a new one. Note that the vehicle is designed for children the age of five and older, weighing up to 140 pounds. Still, this item is just the thing for entry-level freestyle scooter riders who are just starting to get used to two-wheel vehicles.

3. Fuzion Z375 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z375 Pro Scooter Price: $187.14 from


  • Light and tough CNC forged aluminum fork
  • Oversized Fuzion Chromoly T bars
  • Bolt Fuzion’s only “Strangler” clamp
  • Aluminum core wheels
  • High quality of a professional scooter for a good price.
  • Smooth stopping.
  • Two sets of tools included.
  • Stunning look.
  • If the riding level is rather high, it may require some upgrading.
  • Bad grips.

Another scooter more suited to professional riding than for beginners. It provides you with the luxury of elegance and style, high-end comfort and satisfaction. The vehicle is available in two colors, black and silver good for both boys and girls.

The first advantage is an easy assembly, taking you less than 2 minutes. Aimed at professional riding, it is made of all metal instead of plastic, since those tend to break easily. Looking through the features of the vehicle, we can set sights on aluminum-cored wheels, which will last a long time.

Built for performance, the Z375 has a CNC head tube cutout, together with Fuzion’s CNC forged aluminum fork, and it comes with NECO integrated and sealed headset bearings and unique Dog Bone deck and neck, causing the impact forces to be evenly distributed around the deck’s outer surface. This particular design delivers added landing stability for extremely smooth rides. Two sets of tools are included in the set.

The scooter is rather lightweight but heavier than some others. One more thing to mention, the bearings appear to be glued in, making them not work very well, so this detail may demand replacement. In addition, the grips do not feel good to the touch; however, it is not such a big deal. For 10 dollars, you can get a set of new ones. The handlebars for the Fuzion pro scooters, including the Z375, are not adjustable. This is to ensure that tricks and stunt riding performance are stable.

To make the scooter perfect for professional riding, you will have to put some extra money into it but, aside from that, it is a very solid item.

4. Hello Kitty 12-Volt Electric Scooter 8802-14

Hello Kitty 12-Volt Electric Scooter 8802-14 Price: $189.95 from


  • Scooter frame
  • 12-volt electric motor
  • Battery and charger
  • Wheels
  • Handbrake and a kickstand
  • Features a motor allowing your child to go fast.
  • Adorable Hello Kitty design.
  • Rather affordable price for an e-scooter.
  • A handbrake and a kickstand.
  • Features durable chain-driven mechanism.
  • Heavy.
  • For girls only.
  • The full battery only allows a 45 minute ride.

It is obvious that this cute electric scooter is for the fair sex riders. The graphics of the favorite kids’ character, Hello Kitty, decorate it from top to bottom, making it attractive to lots of girls. However, the hallmark of this item is not just the Hello Kitty print but the presence of the motor - a rather interesting solution for a kid’s scooter. What are the benefits?

The electric custom scooter is just like a regular custom scooter but with a motor, to increase travel speed, followed by a change of frame. Nowadays, as technology and manufacturing industry advantages emerge, electric scooters are becoming more and more accepted by parents. Even though it is rather hard to find cheap electric scooters for kids, this one can be considered relatively affordable.

The Hello Kitty e-scooter is for children age 8 and older. It features a powerful motor, allowing your child to reach the speed of 8.5 mph, a handbrake for a safe stop and a kickstand to hold the scooter upright. After quick and easy assembly, power up the battery with the included charger and enjoy the whole 40-min ride. You will need an hour to charge it. The vehicle is easy for kids to operate.

A couple of kicks will start it rolling, then just twist the handle to engage the motor. It is as simple as can be!

Motorized scooters for kids are a great way to teach children responsibility for themselves and for the environment. One of the biggest advantages of electric scooters is that they give off zero carbon emissions. Help your child understand that this vehicle is helping to make our planet greener. Moreover, feel and better understand the responsibility of owning a motorized vehicle, after owning an e-scooter.

The most important feature of motorized scooters is that it helps your child go faster, which is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. The scooter is a vehicle made for active rest and movement, which is essential for a child’s growth, but with a motorized scooter, your kid will move less.

5. Rimable Kids 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Mini Kick Scooter with LED Light Up

Rimable Kids 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Mini Kick Scooter with LED Light Up Price: $39.99 from


  • A scooter frame
  • A handbrake
  • 3 LED light-up PU Wheels
  • A foot brake
  • Visible-at-night LED wheels.
  • Very lightweight and easy to put together.
  • Perfect for toddlers.
  • Lean-To-Steer Mechanism.
  • Affordable.
  • Loosely attached handles.
  • Unclear manual.

Three-wheel scooters can differ from each other, not only in price and brand, but also with the location of the wheels. This Kids Mini Kick Scooter features two front wheels and a back one. The tiny scooter is just ideal for toddlers. It is recommended for little ones starting at the age of three. However, adjustable handlebars allows parents to change the height, as the child grows. The board is rather wide, providing confident and secure riding.

Big LED wheels make the scooter shine in the dark, so your little one can feel like a star. The scooter was developed for kids to learn riding and, thanks to the Lean-To-Steer Mechanism, it is much easier to develop balance and coordination skills. The wheels of the scooter are PU-made, which allows the kid to ride it indoors without scratching the floor. Even though it is not foldable, you can pull out the handlebar when storing it.

The scooter looks perfect for little kids and moves great, but the handles are not well attached, so you have to keep your eyes open in order not to lose them. One more disadvantage is the manual is poorly translated into English. It gives you a slight headache but makes you smile at the same time.

6. Mongoose 12" Expo Scooter

Mongoose 12" Expo Scooter Price: $93.98 from


  • Custom-designed scooter frame
  • 12" inflatable tires
  • A handbrake
  • Foot pegs
  • A wide foot deck for added balance and stability.
  • Inflatable wheels for paved and unpaved surfaces.
  • BMX freestyle rotor and axle pegs make for a trick ready scooter.
  • Reliable and affordable.
  • Tough brakes.
  • Bad manual.
  • Hard to assemble.

The Mongoose 12" has been available in the US for years. This kids’ scooter features remarkably large wheels, which may remind you of a bicycle. The 12" inflatable tires can handle a variety of surfaces, such as dirt and grass, while also providing a fast and smooth ride on pavement, making it ideal for riding through urban areas and over long distances.

Let’s have a more detailed look at this model. The Mongoose 12” Expo's floorboard height is 3.5-inches from the ground - not very tall so it may require replacement. The quality of the dropouts and frame is very good. The frame is made of steel, covered in high-gloss gray paint and features neon green accents and graphics. The BMX freestyle brake rotor and axle pegs allow the rider to perform some tricks safely. It is not recommended that kids the age of five and under ride this scooter.

Overall, this custom-designed scooter could be a great purchase, due to its flexibility and affordable price, but there are some disadvantages as well. The handbrakes are pretty tight and hard for little kids to squeeze. The other thing is that, although they look cool, the foot pegs’ location is incorrect. They are right in the way of a natural kick and you will likely whack your ankle a few times, before getting used to their placement.

Furthermore, the assembly is not as easy as desired, as it takes about an hour to put it together. In addition, the instructions could be better; they are extremely difficult to understand and refer to a number of parts and features that are not on this model. Of course, if you are a skilled mechanic, you can do it yourself but for an average person, some help with assembly may be required.

7. Minions 2-wheel Folding Scooter

Minions 2-wheel Folding Scooter Price: $150.00 from


  • Scooter frame
  • Wheels
  • A foot brake
  • Helmet
  • The scooter folds up.
  • Sturdy steel frame and fork.
  • Custom fit to raise and lower the handlebar.
  • Features a cute Minion-head helmet.
  • Lovely design for kids.
  • Stiff to open and fold.

Despicable Me cartoons have conquered the hearts of millions of young viewers and, of course, those cute yellow Minions have become a number-one trend.

This kids’ scooter, designed for riders starting at age five and older and weighing not more than 132 lbs., has a steel frame and fork and will provide long-lasting fun rides around the neighborhood, park and backyard, or anywhere your little one wants to go. The adorable Minions scooter features a custom fit handlebar to set the right length. Moreover, it folds up to make it easy to carry and store, a great solution for a kids’ vehicle.

This scooter is lightweight, which will work perfectly for your little one. It features an aluminum scooter deck, delightful Minions graphics, colorful mag wheels and rear foot brake for smooth stopping.

A useful bonus of this purchase is a Multi-Sport Helmet, which features molded custom Minion-head decorations and adjustable straps, so useful for a growing child! The helmet complies with US CPSC Safety Standards for persons age 5 and older, so now you can have no more worries about the safety of your little one.

The Minion kids’ scooter is available in white, blue or multicolor options for a reasonable price.

8. Lightweight Children Adult Two-wheeled Electric Folding Scooter

Lightweight Children Adult Two-wheeled Electric Folding Scooter Price: $499.00 from


  • Foldable scooter frame
  • Display
  • Charging voltage: dc 24 v
  • A footbrake
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Maximum load: 198.41 lbs
  • Battery: LG8.8 AH r
  • Very light for an electric scooter.
  • Unique design of handle surface.
  • Multi-function electronic display.
  • Foldable.
  • You can ride at night with the built-in bright LED lights.
  • Expensive.

The SOGAR electric scooter looks stylish and neat – nothing else to add, nothing to take away. The green and black color combination catches the eye with its brightness and simplicity. However, there are also other color variations to choose from, such as white, pink or total black, which makes this scooter good for both kids and adults. Made for transportation more than for playing, this vehicle will be fun to ride it at any age.

The vehicle is very light for an electric scooter, thanks to the use of top carbon fiber materials. It also features high-performance shock absorbers for excellent resilience. To prevent sweat residue, the handles of the vehicle have a unique non-slip surface, which is soft to touch and, at the same time, stays fresh every day. The handlebars can be rotated 360 degrees.

The item is rather technologically advanced; even scooters nowadays have multi-function electronic displays. With this one, you will always stay informed about the power, instant speed and total mileage, but that’s not all - the cool LED lighting will make your riding safe and give you confidence at night.

One of the main advantages is the ability to fold the scooter. Imagine, using it as transportation for short distances and then taking it inside with you and not having to worry about others trying to steal it.

If you are planning to upgrade your SOGAR scooter, avoid pneumatic tires. Better choose simple rubber wheels.. The reasons are evident. It is wear-resistant, non-slip and makes riding easier.

The scooter will serve you well for a long time, but the main disadvantage overall is the price.

9. Yvolution A3 Air Y Fliker Kids Scooter - Black/Red by Fliker

Yvolution A3 Air Y Fliker Kids Scooter - Black/Red by Fliker Price: $281.05 from


  • Foldable scooter frame
  • Wheels
  • A footbrake
  • Innovative frame technology.
  • Soft brakes.
  • Original design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Hard to go up hill.
  • Relatively expensive.

The Yvolution A3 Air Y Fliker Kids Scooter boggles the imagination with its revolutionary design. Looking at the scooter, one can't help but wonder how to ride this one? Turns out that it is not so hard. The Y-Velo teaches young children balance, steering and control, so they can get on a pedal bike sooner. Moreover, it engages core muscle groups and has less negative impact on the knees than walking and running.

Physical activity is important in every age but it is widely known that children have to move intensively, at least an hour per day, and this 3-wheel scooter is going to help your little one with this. While using this product, you can play lots of activities and games, as described in the manual of the scooter. It is certainly a good way for a kid to begin his journey into sports and exercise his skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

We have already cleared up that the scooter is innovative and completely different from the others. Time to review the pros and cons.

The innovative structure of the scooter seems to allow more control. The braking system and handlebars work well.

It is easy to control how fast you go, by shifting your body to self-propel. It is not as hard as it sounds and helps to improve balance. The scooter is foldable and lightweight, so it is easy to carry. What is great is that this scooter is not just for kids; it is available in three different sizes, so anyone can get one for himself.

The disadvantages are minor and addressed here as well. It is rather hard to go uphill with a scooter, in general, and with this one in particular, the kids may have to stop and get off. The Y Fliker scooter is relatively expensive, but thanks to the revolutionary technology and high-quality realization, it pays for itself.

10. Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter

Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter Price: $580.01 from


  • Scooter frame
  • A bell
  • Rubber wheels
  • Sturdy steel construction with adjustable handlebar.
  • No-slip grip tread.
  • Features a bell.
  • Cool design.
  • High performance molded wheels.
  • The board it not very big.
  • Expensive.

This Little Red Scooter is both safe and stylish. Having three wheels, one in front and two in back, makes riding much easier for beginners and those who still feel insecure. Due to its high quality, this scooter seems to be one of the best scooters for kids. The design is simply stunning. The brand name, "Radio Flyer", evokes some fond childhood recollections.

White and red stripes on the scooter make it be suitable for both boys and girls, and look at those cute tassels on the handles; they give the design a little something special! As to construction, the scooter is made of sturdy steel, which can stand up to even the roughest riders, and a wooden platform has no-slip grip tread, to help the child feel more confident and safe. The vehicle features a cool bell – a nice way to prevent accidents on the road.

However, the main advantage is the adjustable handlebar, which allows this scooter to grow with your child, so he can use it for years. At the same time, the dimensions of the deck are not very big, so it will not be appropriate for kids older than the age of seven. In any case, this item is well built and timeless, so it is going to serve you a long while.

Buying a scooter is definitely a good way to surprise your kid!

It is a fun toy to play with and it engages the physical buildout that is so essential, especially in the younger ages. Moreover, playing outside with similar-in-age friends encourages social and emotional development as well.

All of the listed points will help you to choose the perfect scooter for your child but the most important factor is how your little one feels about it. Keep in mind that the fun rides should be safe at the same time; do not hesitate to purchase a helmet, along with elbow and kneepads, so the toy will bring only joy and happiness to you and your child!

Choose the best way to use custom scooters in video below:

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