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What Causes Bloating and Gas During Pregnancy?

calendarDecember 16, 2016

Bloating during pregnancy

It’s one of those unpleasant pregnancy symptoms – wind – and let’s be sincere: it always happens at the most inappropriate moments in our life. It is not a surprise that everybody (even it does not matter – pregnant or no) has some «gas» as it is commonly called. But during pregnancy you may have even more gas than usually. It happens because of the doses of progesterone that your body produces early in pregnancy, relax the smooth muscle tissue throughout your body, including your gastrointestinal tract. This article will provide you with some useful information about bloating, you will realize some reasons of it and get some great tips how to overcome it.

What Is Bloating and How to Stop Bloating?

The flatulence is an enhanced meteorism that results in bloating and gas, almost permanent desire to "release" gases, borborygmus, belching and feeling full and bloated. The flatulence is often accompanied by the pain in the abdomen and even by the spasmodic and gas colic. In some neglected cases, the flatulence can lead  to the  threat of pregnancy interruption.

It nearly appears your jeans begin to feel comfortable when the early pregnancy bloating test comes back positive constant bloating — and you may thank the hormone progesterone for that happening that is the bloated stomach. While progesterone is essential for keeping a healthy pregnancy, bloating after eating, burping, and farting. Why? That is the great news.

The bad news is this slower digestion. What is more, your enlarging uterus areas growing pressure in your rectum, which lead to the passing of some serious wind and can make a mess of muscle control.

What Does Bloated Mean?

Slow down. You are likely consuming lots of atmosphere along with those foods that make you bloated in the event you normally scarf down your lunch in 5 minutes flat. The atmosphere will most likely end up settling into your system in the debilitating bloated gas definition. So, however, active your days are doing what you can to eat at a leisurely rate. Not only are you going to cut back on your suffering, but also you will be giving yourself the rest you have earned.

Make an effort to relax. Nervous eating also leads to air consuming. So do not eat your sandwich with a side of pressure.

The Thing You Should Understand

But that ate-too-much feeling you are experiencing will probably get worse as your uterus keeps pressing and enlarging in your what causes bloating and intestines. It is a little pain for you (literally), but take comfort in knowing your infant is ignorant to your suffering. He is comfortable as a bug in your uterus, only listening to the lovely what causes gas to your body is making.

What Causes Bloating and Gas During Pregnancy?

Stomach bloating means suffering — and lots of it, as it might be one of your bloating during pregnancy symptoms that are most frequent and least enchanting showing up around week 11 and continuing through the delivery day.

What Should I Do During the Pregnancy in Case of the Bloating Pain?

When there is severe pain in the abdomen, like spasm that brings rather painful cramping feelings and leads to the severe diarrhea, it is necessary to hospitalize the woman urgently. In this case the body suffers from the intoxication; it can be very dangerous for the fetus life. Symptoms and signs occur due to the hormonal changes that lead to the unstriated muscles relaxation in the abdominal organs and uterus relaxation. All these changes are reflected in the intestine.

A woman cannot fully relieve all of the gases that have been accumulated in her body. The second trimester witnesses the rapid fetus growth, so, the uterus becomes enlarged and presses the digestive system. As a result, some constipations and swelling belly appear.

A pregnant woman needs to eat right, cause very often this reason leads to the bloating and then to the chronic stomach and intestine diseases. The bloating happens because of the severe stress, nervous alertness or in case of enzymatic deficiency.


  • The main feature of the disease is a painful feeling in the abdomen, accompanied with the bloating. The pain sensations are usually sharp and cramping. They usually disappear after the gas relief. Such a phenomenon can occur up to twenty times a day.
  • There also may be a non - specific symptom, like a headache during the bloating.
  • There is often a hiccup, halitosis and belching.

What You Can Do

Drink a lot of water.

  • Keep a good degree of fiber in your diet - belief leafy greens, legumes, whole grains (such as whole-wheat bread or pasta), and fruits. On the reverse side of fiber can be a gassy stomach. In the event you are fitting fiber in for the very first time in your lifetime, introduce it softly and slowly.
  • Select for smaller meals. Fueling up on three reasonable ones plus two or three bites or six little meals a day won’t just keep your nutrients degrees’ steady to nourish your infant, they will prevent your digestive system from becoming overloaded, keeping gas during pregnancy in check.

You should not eat, when you are standing or on the move, cause you can choke with food or air that will make the "air pocket" in the intestine, with a specific pain. Secondly, you should  eat in the quiet atmosphere without anxiety or any concerns, because it can lead to the air swallowing. Thirdly, it is necessary to realize, which products you can eat without any bad consequences, and which products cause flatulence in your case.

What Causes Abdominal Bloating?

Cut back on the legumes. Their (well-earned) reputation precedes their entry...and way out. Other foods in the gasoline club contain onions, cabbage, fried foods, sugary foods, and rich, buttery sauces. Prevent the ones that you are likely better off preventing anyhow (such as the onion rings that join two club members in one powerful dish), and moderate your consumption of the others.

  • Bloating after eating is a standard issue, especially if your diet isn't the finest.

There's, nevertheless, one nearly surefire method to how to prevent bloating after a meal - and it's totally safe. This answer might not be liked by your fast food craving head, but the logical angel on your right shoulder will love this option! What's it? The answer is to eat a wholesome diet. First, you must make the choice. Or, would you rather relish your meals, and revel in a sense of relaxation and satisfaction once you've completed that last morsel?

What Causes Bloating During the Pregnancy?

There are certain reasons because of which the bloating happens during the pregnancy:

  • The lack of certain enzymes in the female organism that are responsible for the gastrointestinal digestion;
  • It may be a symptom of gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • Unhealthy diet, lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • Dysbacteriosis – is a violation of micro flora in the gut of a pregnant woman;
  • Progesterone – is a hormone that relaxes the abdominal muscles;
  • The pressure of the uterus on the intestines in the late pregnancy;
  • The consumption of fatty, fried and salty food.

What Helps with Bloating?

Reasons for bloating during pregnancyHow to relieve bloating and gas during the pregnancy?

You should know what eating a wholesome diet, which prevents bloating entails. There are a lot of healthful, organic fruits and vegetables, plus excellent cheeses and even tasty meats and fish, which are totally satisfactory replacements for whatever it's the fact that you've been eating. There are several helpful and healthful eating strategies resources available that are designed to assist you to transform your distended gut into a flatter, slenderer, comfier waistline. It's easy to stop before it occurs bloating.

All it needs is a proper diet that's designed to be assimilated into your body, instead of causing your metabolism to go haywire, as well as a little preparation on your part, along with your digestive tract. Thus, decide to discontinue bloating after a meal - and do it now. What to do for bloating is a question. However, before you find the option, you need to understand the reason you became bloated to prevent gas relief during pregnancy.

There may be several motives, but the most common one is just you're not digesting your food completely, and that extra waste is trapped in the intestines. As you're not digesting your consumption of beverages and foods correctly. For the reason that it takes longer for them to be broken down by your stomach acids, some foods correctly will cause gas. This gas builds up and can cause stomachaches and sharp abdominal pain. Your belly makes unusual sounds as the gas is attempting to escape but can't. A bloating feeling results in making you quite uneasy and always feeling you need to visit the toilet. What's the long-term option? Avoid the foods and beverages that make bloating.

Included in these are:

  • legumes;
  • cabbage;
  • carbonated drinks.

Other options include attempting to eat and chew your food thoroughly. The best way to reasons for bloating. This may clean out the bacteria that are poisonous and leftover waste which has collected in your digestive system. This can instantly help your digestion and foods that help with bloating. You won't believe how much fecal matter accumulates in the intestines creating weight gain along with what to do for bloating. There are lots of forms of colon cleanses accessible. The ones that work the most efficient use fresh ingredients those are all natural.

The length of the cleanse is up to you personally. To get the most results you'll need to learn what it entails and the best way to get ready for the cleanse. Gas in the gut is but ordinary. It's the excessive levels of gas, which could create the illness called flatulence. It might be because you've consumed an excessive amount of atmosphere while you're eating or drinking. Munching on your food too quickly is the most frequent reason of gas issues. When you eat fast and drink, more air is let within your belly.

The other cause the gut of one gets is because of the kind of foods, which you have taken in. Sugars could be a perpetrator too, more especially Raffinose, fructose, sorbitol, and lactose. Fructose is within soft drinks and fruit drinks. Sorbitol is available in some specific candies and chewing gums.

  • Lactose may be got in similar processed foods, cheese, and dairy foods such as ice cream.

Starches can cause gassy tummy too. Gas difficulties due to starch are often activated by foods like pasta, potatoes, and corn. Fiber could also cause gas issues, more especially through foods like oat bran, legumes, and peas. An excessive amount of gas is formed as the body does not consume and digest the carbs, sugar, fiber, and starches in the gut when these foods are taken. That happens because the small intestines neglect to grow specific enzymes, which are tasked to process the food things.

  • Specific gasses are generated while doing this. These are what fill the belly and exit through the rectum.


Vomiting and nausea aren't uncommon in girls that are pregnant. It's the body's reaction to the changes that happens in the body of the girl due to her pregnancy. Pregnancy-associated nausea is, also, called "morning sickness." It's because it happens in the early hours, even though it might happen any time of the today. Although nausea if it happens too frequently or too intense, it's recognized as normal during pregnancy, the pregnant girl must consult a physician immediately.

Food poisoning

They may experience nausea and vomiting if a man ingested food that is remarkably contaminated with bacteria. Vomiting and nausea are the primary symptoms of food poisoning. There are lots of bacteria which can cause food poisoning. These bacteria can produce toxins which can cause vomiting and nausea. Vomiting and nausea are the body's reaction to their existence. These toxins are thought to be foreign substances, and they need to be taken out of the body through vomiting. When an individual inhales enough carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide poisoning happens.

Someone who inhaled substantial levels of carbon monoxide ought to be taken to the hospital for treatment that was proper. Men who were moderately subjected to low rates of carbon monoxide may feel better when they're away from the spot. They could also attempt nausea treatments that will help them feel better.

Reasons For Constipation Bloating

Bloating mostly happens to the bowel movement that is limited. Occasionally it results in severe pain in your stomach component. In a few cases making your belt loose you can even see somewhat bloated tummy. Other motives lactose intolerance and improper digestion and may also contain Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Improper digestion is considered that 20% of the adults are experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome and is principally found in adults.

Fiber abundant food is being taken by the essential measure to lessen constipation bloating. Regular exercise helps a good deal. Regular exercise helps in digestion that is rapid. Magnesium citrate is just another treatment that helps in treating constipation bloating and demonstrates a lasting effect of constipation. In the event you feel any stomach pain because there might be some other motive behind your issues, please contact your physician you're facing.

Prevention and Treatment

In order to diminish the risk of bloating in pregnancy, it is necessary to follow simple diet rules. You should not eat while standing up or walking. A hasty meal increases the air grasping that can lead to "air holes" in the intestine, which are accompanied by the certain pain sensations. The correctional diet will reduce the risk of bloating. You should not eat white bread, rich milk, fried, salty or sweet food, raw fruits and vegetables and spicy food. The digestion will be stimulated very well in case of the reasonable physical activity.

A pregnant woman should walk at least one hour a day with regularity. It is advisable to massage yourself, stroking the belly in a clockwise manner. Some traditional remedies, such as decoctions or chamomile, Melissa, fennel tea and others will be very appropriate in this case too.

Some other tips how to overcome the enhanced bloating

The long walks in the fresh air for at least one hour will be very helpful. The swimming in the pool perfectly stimulates the intestine. There are some special exercises for the intestine, which should be carried out daily. In case of painful bloating you can help yourself. There is a simple exercise: you should stroke the belly in a clockwise manner about ten - fifteen minutes, then turn on the left side, lift the leg and release gases.

The diet in case of enhanced bloating

Firstly, it is necessary to divide the daily ration into four or five meals. All portions should be small and sufficient in order to satisfy hunger and not to admit overeating. You have also to eliminate foods that cause the enhanced bloating. Such food include peas, beans, grapes, cabbage, pickled vegetables, marinade, onions, garlic, sweet dishes, fizzy drinks, rye - bread, rye beer and fried food. You have to add some fermented milk products such as kefir, fermented baked milk and yogurt to the diet. They contain lactic acid bacteria that help to eliminate unnecessary gases. It is desirable to eat curd every day. It will not only help to overcome flatulence, but it is also a source of calcium, that is a necessity during the pregnancy.

How to avoid bloating?

In order to avoid bloating during the pregnancy, you have to follow some tips, which are stipulated below:

  • You should eat small meals;
  • You should not be in a hurry, while eating, it is necessary to chew the food thoroughly in order to help your stomach to digest the food easier;
  • You have to limit those products that contain raffinose;
  • While eating, you should sit up straight, even in the case of a small snack, cause the stomach should not be squeezed;
  • You should wear loose clothing that does not constrict the belly and the waist area;
  • You need to avoid eating foods that contain sorbitol (weight loss products, chewing gum of the certain brands);
  • You should walk regularly and do exercises;
  • Try to avoid eating: coffee, fizzy beverages and beer; 

It is necessary to get rid of bad habits.

What is the Danger for the Fetus and Mom?

In spite of the fact that such problem is seemed to be not very serious, it may harm not only the woman, but her baby too. In case of the bad health state, the expectant mother suffers, starts to get nervous, feels overworked and sleepy. It is obvious that such state influences the baby. Besides, due to the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the diet is broken down even more: the woman doesn't want to eat, she eats not enough or she eats some improper food, thus depriving her baby of the vitamins and useful nutrients required for his normal growth and development.

But, it does not reflect the whole picture. The bloating may cause the threat of miscarriage or premature birth that depends on the pregnancy duration. It can lead to the uterine tone (there is a very strong pressure during the gases on its walls). So, if you have such symptoms, contact a doctor who can help you to solve this problem.

So, if you have such symptoms, contact a doctor who can help you to solve this problem.

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